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Veazie's Believe It or Not!

Richard Veazie, Don Veazie and Bruce Veazie (all brothers) , graduated from The Ohio State University in the 1960's and 70's. Bruce's son Jason graduated from The Ohio State University in the 80's. Dick's son Sean attended The Ohio State University in the 90's. A real Buckeye family!

Richard Veazie is the owner of, and his brother, Bruce Veazie is the owner of this site, A distant relative of ours, Gen. Samuel Veazie, founded Veazie, Maine, whose website is!

Bruce Veazie was talking to a co-worker whom he had known for years. Bruce asked him if he had ever done any genealogy work and soon found out that he and Bruce were cousins! Samuel Veazie of Bruce's direct line had married Deborah Wales, dau. of Nathaniel and Joanna (Faxon) Wales, a distant cousin of the co-worker. Bruce and the co-worker are 10th cousins-once-removed.

This has nothing to do with the Veazie name, but according to Marriages and Deaths from Steuben County, New York, the Addison [NY] Advertiser has as follows (place tongue firmly in cheek):

Wednesday, March 10, 1858 - Married - At Elmira College by Rev. A. Bradley of Olean, Theocrastus Bombastus Houghenstounten to Adrianna Augustina Van Ozzledozzle, both of Addison.

Any relatives or descendents?

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