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NCAA Div 1A Computer Rankings

Several existing college football computer rankings employ (what I consider to be) biased strength-of-schedule algorithms (e.g., Sagarin).
In an attempt to eliminate such biases (primarily for my own amusement), I have developed a computer ranking program
( Visual Basic in Access ) using the algorithm described below in an attempt to derive strength-of-schedule from
won/loss records for both the team being evaluated and that team's opponents.

Parameter Value Description
Home Win Bonus 0.85 awarded for each win at home, with the premise that a team has a home field advantage
Away Win Bonus 1.15 awarded for each win away, with the premise that winning away is more difficult than winning at home
Home Loss Penalty 0.4 penalty for losing at home, with the premise that losses should be penalized and a team should win at home
Away Loss Penalty 0.2 penalty for losing away, with the premise that losses should be penalized but a loss away is not as bad as a loss at home
Margin for bonus 8 Minimum number of points by which to win to receive "style points," with the premise that winning by more than a touchdown shows some strength
Score Margin Bonus 0.3 "Style points" for winning by at least the Margin For Bonus
Opponent Win Multiplier 0.333333 Fraction of each defeated opponent's win, with the premise that some strength is shown by defeating an opponent which has a good win record

No "style points" for win over non-Div 1A opponents.

A penalty of -1 is awarded for a loss to a non-Div 1A opponent.


Ranking Text Files

2007 Week 10

2007 Week 11

2007 Week 12

2006 Week 9

2006 Week 10

2006 Week 11

2006 Week 12

2006 Week 13

updated 07-Nov-2007