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Mary Aurilla SEWELL 80

  1. Married201

    Arthur W VEAZIE
    • Born228 : 1844 Jan 1
    • Birthplace228 : Maine
    • Died590 : 1918 Feb 3
    • Where Died590 : Rockland, ME
    • Buried: Seaview Cem., Rockland, ME
    • 1850 Camden, ME430
    • 1862 Elmira, NY646
    • 1864 near Dallas, GA646
    • 1865 Caton, NY42
    • 1865 near Wash, DC646
    • 1870 Caton, NY215
    • 1875 Caton, NY43
    • 1880 Elmira, NY370
    • 1898 Bath, NY646
    • 1900 Rockland, ME228
    • 1910 Rockland, ME302
    • 1918 Rockland, ME590
    • Notes:

      Arthur enlisted 7 Aug 1862 as a private at Elmira, NY, with the 107 NY Infantry Regiment. His military records give his birthdate as 1 Jan 1844. He served 2 years, 10 months and 15 days and was discharged at the end of his service 15 Jun 1865. During the war he received a gunshot wound in his left thigh.

      It's possible that sometime before 1865, Arthur was married and widowed, as he is listed in the 1865 census as widowed. His army records don't reflect that marriage, however.

      He married Aurilla Sewell in 1867 and was soon widowed. Aurilla was probably Arthur's second cousin, as Arthur's grandfather, Abiezer, was likley the brother of Aurilla's grandfather Stephen.

      After Aurilla's death, Arthur married sometime before 1870, Marion Hill Hoyer, the daughter of Henry and Julia A. Minor Hill. Marion married first Edward Hoyer, with whom she had two daughters, Nettie and Minnie. In 1870 and 1880, Arthur and Marion are listed with step-daughter Minnie.

      According to his military records, he apparently abandoned Marion in New York state when he returned to Maine. In 1898, his medical record lists him as a widow and, as his nearest relative, his brother Joseph Veazie of Rockland, ME. In 1900, he is listed as married but his wife isn't in evidence. In 1910, he is listed as widowed.

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