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Naomi Augusta VEAZIE 397

  1. Married809 1864 Sep 20809 , in Islesboro, ME809

    Edwin COOMBS
    • Born541 : 1837 Oct 29
    • Birthplace521 : Maine
    • 1850 Islesboro, ME396
    • 1860 Islesboro, ME397
    • 1870 Islesboro, ME524
    • 1880 Islesboro, ME525
    • 1900 Islesboro, ME521
    • Notes:

      Edwin Coombs: both Farrow and Gen Hist Maine state that Edwin Coombs, son of Capt Fields Coombs, married first Lovina Marshall (Farrow - Jan 29, 1860, Gen. Hist. has "Louisa"), and married second Augusta M Veazie (Farrow - Sep 25 1864). In addition, Farrow has, in his genealogy of the Veazies, that dau. of John and Maria (Sprague) Veazie, Lucretia S. Veazie married "Edwin Coombs," and dau. of same Naomi A. Veazie married "Edwin Coombs." Now, there are two Edwin Coombs listed in the 1870 census for Islesboro, one with Lucretia Coombs (age 21) in the household and the other with no apparent wife but 3 children in the household: Ada (age 13), Jacob (age 10) and Martin (age 8 months as of 19 Jun). Unfortunately Ada, Jacob or Martin Coombs don't seem to appear earlier or later in census records.

      Edwin and Lucretia Coombs appear in the 1870, 1880, 1900 and 1910 censuses for Islesboro. In 1900, Edwin has a birthdate of Oct 1837, which is the birth date Farrow gives for Edwin, the son of Capt. Fields Coombs, though, as mentioned above, he states that he married Augusta M Veazie.

      Farrow also lists an Edwin Coombs, son of Isaac and Althea (Palmer) Coombs, born Apr 28, 1837, just a few months earlier than Edwin, son of Fields. No indication of marriage.

      From the census records, it's clear that Edwin Coombs, born Oct 1837, was married to Lucretia. Either Farrow had Edwin, son of Fields, married to the wrong woman, or he gives the incorrect birth date.

      It appears clear that Edwin, son of Fields, married Lovina Marshall as Farrow indicates, as Edwin and Lovina Coombs are listed in the household of Betsey Coombs (his mother) in 1860.

      Now, in 1850 in John and Maria Veazie's household are Naoma A (age 7) and Lucretia (age 1 month as of Aug). In 1860, in John and Maria's household are Augusta (age 17) and Lucretia (age 10). This genealogy assumes that Naoma A is Augusta and married Edwin Coombs, son of Isaac, not Edwin, son of Fields.

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