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William (Rev.) VEAZIE 567

  1. Married841 1697/8 Mar 1841

    Mary READE
    • Father: unkn
    • Mother: unkn
    • Notes:

      After William's death, Mary married Judge Danial Horsmanden, who, at the time, was in financial difficulty. "The New York ConspiracyTrials of 1741" (Daniel Horsmanden - Zaben, Ed.) mentions Daniel's marriage to "Mary Reade Vesey, a wealthy widow much older than he." "Patriot-Improvers" (src 844) states "…on 8 May 1748 he married Mrs. Mary Reade Vesey, widow of the Reverend Mr. William Vesey, rector of Trinity Church, who had died in 1746, an advantageous match that restored his fortunes."

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