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Family of Gaston (m93) BARKLEY and Caroline SEASE

Gaston (m93) BARKLEY b. 1818 Nov891 at Orange Co., NY2656. d. 1903 Dec 281237 at the home of his daughter Harriet E (Barclay) Hudson, 391 4th St, Brooklyn, New York1235. bd. Green-wood Cem, Brooklyn, NY4334.
Caroline SEASE b. 1817 Jan 162522 at (records of) Dutch Reformed Church, Montgomery, Orange Co., NY2522. d. 1899 Jun 124057 at 348 4th St, Brooklyn, New York4057. bd. Greenwood Cem., Brooklyn, NY4057.

Married655 1843~891.

n's surname is listed herein as "Barkley" to correspond with the listing in Moffat's "Barclays of New York." The surname for Gaston and most of his descendants appears variously as Barkley and Barclay. The spelling Barclay appears to be most prevalent.

The 1900 census891 lists Gaston as married 57 years, though Caroline had died the year before.

Child 3. Charles

Charles' deathdate is assumed from the burial index4334 entry for Charles H Barclay in Green-wood Cem., Section 141, Lot 22985, which is common to his father, mother, several siblings and other relatives. His deathplace is assumed from his appearance in the 1875 census for Brooklyn, in which he appears in the household of his father. He is listed as a millinary salesman.

Child 5. David

David lived with his family through 1882. His occupations are listed variously as telephone operator, and clerk at a furniture store. A David Barclay is listed1234 in Brooklyn, 1899, a barkeeper, residing at 588 Baltic. A David S Barclay appears1519 in a list of deaths in the New York Times, d Oct 27, 1902, 588 Baltic St, Brooklyn, aged 41 years. In the 1900 census891 for Brooklyn, 588 Baltic Av is the residence of David Parker, wife Rose, and their children, but a David Barclay is not listed. His death date is assumed from that death notice and a burial index4334 entry in a section and lot common to his father, mother, siblings, and several relatives.

Children of Gaston (m93) BARKLEY and Caroline SEASE:

1. Alfred A BARCLAY1232 b. 1844 Jan 311592 at Orange Co., NY2656. d. 1939 Sep 231593 at (res) 305 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY4059. bd. Green-wood Cem., Brooklyn, New York1239.
md. Esther Elizabeth BULL
2. Samuel BARCLAY1231 b. 1847 Oct4335 at Orange Co., NY2656. d. 1906 Jan~4334. bd. Green-wood Cem., Brooklyn, NY4334.
md. Gertrude Frances BELL
3. Charles H BARCLAY1232 b. 1850~1232 at Orange Co., NY2656. d. 1879 Aug~4334 at prob Brooklyn, NY3060. bd. Green-wood Cem., Brooklyn, NY4334.
4. Franklin BARCLAY1232 b. 1854 Aug~2656 at Orange Co., NY2656. d. 1927 Nov 124331 at crossing Warburton Ave, Yonkers, NY4331.
md. 1) Susan (Susie) H THOMPSON
md. 2) Frances WALLACE
5. David S BARCLAY1232 b. 1857~1232 at New York1232. d. 1902 Oct 271519 at (res) 588 Baltic St, Brooklyn, NY1519. bd. Green-wood Cem., Brooklyn, NY4334.
6. Harriet Ellen BARCLAY1233 b. 1860 Nov891 at New York1233.
md. John G HUDSON

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