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Family of Josiah N BARKLEY and Caroline CAPLING

Josiah N BARKLEY b. 1839 Jan 29840 at Michigan1288. d. 1896 Oct 22840. bd. Oakwood Cem., Genesee Co., Michigan840.
Caroline CAPLING b. 1849 Nov1687 at Canada1288. d. 1928840. bd. Thetford Twp. Cem., Clio, Michigan840.

Married1241 1869 Dec1241. The 1870 census1241 conveniently includes the month of marriage for anyone married within the year.

The History of Genesee County{\1289} lists Josiah first in order of the children of Crawford and Sarah Barkley. If he was, indeed, their first born, then his birthyear would be estimated to be 1839, considering the approximate 2 year intervals between births of his siblings. It is assumed that the Josiah Barkley, age 41 (born ~1839), appearing in 1880 in Thetford1288, living next door to (who would have been) Josiah Barkley's sister Frances (Barkley) Woolfitt1289 and her husband Eber is the son of Crawford and Sarah Barkley. As additional corroboration1288, Josiah and Caroline have a son named Eber.

Following Josiah's death, Caroline married Daniel Clayton1523. In 19001687, Caroline Clayton is a widow with a daughter Mamie Clayton. In 19201669, a Caroline Clayton, age 72, widowed and born in Canada, is living with Burr Barkley. That Caroline was likely the wife of his cousin Josiah N Barkley.

Children of Josiah N BARKLEY and Caroline CAPLING:

1. Ella BARKLEY1288 b. 1872840 at Michigan1288. d. 1948840. bd. Avondale Cem., Flint, Michigan840.
md. 1) Oscar W SEARS
md. 2) Merritt C STEEGAR
2. Eber BARKLEY1288 b. 1876~1288 at Michigan1288.

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