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Family of Harold B WESTERVELT and Louise ROSIN

Harold B WESTERVELT b. 1891 Jun 91327 at New York356. d. 1976 Nov92 at prob New Rochelle, New York92.
Louise ROSIN b. 1896 Aug1339 at New York1333. d. after 19601342.

Married1333 1922~1333. The 1930 census1333 lists Harold and Louise as married 8 years previously.

In 1900356, Harold's birthdate is listed as June 1892. However, his WWI draft reg card221 and the Social Security Death Index92 corroborate the Westervelt Genealogy1327.

In 1910358, Harold, who works at a drug store, is listed as married for 1 year. However, his wife does not appear in that record. The explanation1335 is that Harold had been a schoolmate of young Isabel Cornelia Talman, who lived with her aunt opposite O'Rourke's drug store in Whitestone, where Harold worked. Apparently seeing one another frequently, they eloped on August 10, 1908, and were married by Methodist minister. Eighteen days later, they had their first quarrel and both came to the conclusion that their marriage had been a mistake. The bride returned to her aunt's home and Harold continued as a clerk in the drug store. As described in the referenced article, Isabel applied for annulment late in 1909.

In 19201338, Harold, a druggist at a drug store, is (still) listed as married but is (apparently) living alone.

In 19301333, Harold, now 38 and still a druggist, has married Louise Rosin. That record lists Harold as married at age 30, and Louise, age 33, as married at age 25. Also living with them is there young son Harold, age 2 months (the census was enumerated April 2), and Louise' father, Albert Rosin, age 72, widowed. Albert, born in Germany, immigrated to the US in 1886.

Harold Westervelt, son of Charles B and Caroline (Kreutzer) Westervelt, should not be confused with Harold P Westervelt, son of Charles S and Alice R Westervelt. Harold P Westervelt was also born ~1891, but is easily distinguished by the consistency of his middle initial in most records, and by his occupation as an electrician as so listed in 19101334, 19201337 and 19301336. Just to confuse things, Harold P and Virginia Westvelt also had a son named Harold Westvelt Jr, but that Harold was born ~1919.

Louise, "Mrs. Harold Westervelt," survived her sister Marie (Rosin) Baursfeld1342

Children of Harold B WESTERVELT and Louise ROSIN:

1. Harold Richard WESTERVELT1333 b. 1930 Feb 592 at New York1333. d. 2008 Aug 27 at Central Lynchburg Hosp., Virginia (his home was in Huddleston, Virginia)1343.
md. Janes Anne HOPKEN
2. Robert WESTERVELT1343 b. 1935 (guess).

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