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Family of Amos FUNK and Maggie MEREDITH

Amos FUNK b. 1842 Apr 10840 at Ohio840. d. 1917 Jan 26840 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma1404. bd. Larned Cem., Larned, Kansas840.
Maggie MEREDITH b. 1851~1396 at Ohio1396. d. 1893 Dec 31~1407 at Larned, Kansas1407.

Married1396 1883~. Amos first wife, Catherine Barkley, died in 1881. In 18851396 Maggie M was Amos wife. In that record, a daughter Ella is age 1 and Amos and Maggie's marriage date is estimated from her birth year. Connelly1404 provides Maggie's maiden name.

From A Standard History of Kansas, and Kansans1404, 1919: "Amos Funk, father of C. Otto Funk, was born in Pennsylvania in 1841, but lived for many years in Macon County, Illinois. He was reared on a farm, educated in rural schools, and moved to Illinois when about twenty-one years of age. He was in active training for duty as a soldier when the Civil war came to a close. His early experiences were as a farmer, and after coming to Pawnee County in 1876 he conducted a lumber and coal yard at Larned for a year, and then went to farming. He bought deeded land in Larned Township and there erected the modest frame house which served as the family home during the trying period of Pawnee County farmers. He finally put an eight-room house on the farm and had many improvements to show for his labor and well expended capital. He built a very large and complete barn, and his farm came to be regarded as one of the best in the county.

"In his early experiences as a farmer in Pawnee County Amos Funk used both oxen and horses to draw his plows and do the other heavy work. He shipped into the county the first steam threshing outfit, and he brought the first traction engine into the county. His threshing outfit he operated for many years, covering a large territory, and was one of the very few threshermen who made money out of the business. As a farmer he was not a specialist on any one crop, but grew all the staple grains and forage crops, was in the stock business, and occasionally was a feeder and shipper. The results of his efforts as a Kansas farmer brought him eventually to the ownership of three quarter sections. On leaving the farm he engaged in flour milling, which he followed for two years. He finally removed to Oklahoma and died in Oklahoma City January 23, 1916. Amos Funk was a democrat, but never filled office and was an old school Baptist. His hearing became impaired in early life, and for many years he carried an ear trumpet."

The reason for Amos' removal to Oklahoma City sometime after 18951407 may be due to the destruction of his home in 18931407. His second wife Maggie (nee Meredith) poured gasoline in a wash boiler on the stove which exploded, burning her fatally and destroying the home.

Connelley1404 has Amos death date January 23, 1916. The 1917 date840 is more likely correct. A Decatur, Illinois, newspaper article1406 dated 26 January 1917, relates that John Funk (Amos brother1397) was called to Larned, Kansas, by the death of his brother Amos Funk of Oklahome City. Amos conducted a boarding house in Oklahoma City and was a one time resident of Macon county (Ill). Burial to take place in Larned.

Amos may be the boarder in a hotel1405 on Grand Ave in Enid, Oklahoma, of which the census enumerator writes: "Left town - cannot ascertain further information" and lists Amos Funk only as a male farm laborer.

Connelly1404: Maggie Meredith (Amos' second wife) came to Kansas from Centerburg, Illinois.

Maggie died tragically1407 when she poured gasoline in a wash boiler while the boiler was on the stove; the gasoline exploded and set fire to her clothes; the house with its contents was destroyed and Mrs. Funk died from her burns.

Child 1. Ella

Connelly1404, 1919: "Miss Edith, now living at Oklahoma City."

Children of Amos FUNK and Maggie MEREDITH:

1. Ella Edith FUNK1396 b. 1884~1396 at Kansas1396.

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