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Family of Job (m157) B BARKLEY and Sarah Ann DAFT

Job (m157) B BARKLEY b. 1828 Jul 111566 at Ulster Co., New York1444. d. 1907 May 281566. bd. Walker Valley Cem., Shawangunk, New York1566.
Sarah Ann DAFT b. 1838~1552 at England1552.

Married1551 1854~1551. The death record1551 for Alice Devereaux Grant, born Iowa, lists her parents as "Jobe B Barkley," born Walker Valley, New York, and mother "Sarah Ann Daft," born England. The death record (ibid) for Fred B Barkley, b 1855, Orange Co., New York, lists his parents as "Jacb" Barkley, born New York, and "Daft," born England. Although Moffat655 has Job Barkley married to "Nettie Smith," it appears from the above references (noting that Walker Valley is adjacent to Shawangunk, NY, in Ulster County), and several census records listing Job, born New York, and Sarah, born England, that Job was married to Sarah. There marriage date is estimated from Fred's birthyear.

With regard to Job's locations: in 18501444, Job, age 22 and a carpenter, is living in the household of David and Charlotte Barkley. Son Fred's death record1551 indicates that his parents, "Jacb" Barkley and mother "Daft," were in Orange Co., New York, in 1855, the year of his birth. In addition to son Fred, the 1860 census1552 lists Amelia, age 4 (born ~1856 in New York) and Ann, age 2 (born ~1858 in Iowa), in the household of "Jobe B" Barkley, born New York, and Sarah A Barkley, born England.

The 1870 census1554 for Peru, Illinois (enumeration date not recorded), is mildly confusing as the household of "J. B." Barkly (age 45, carpenter, born New York) consists of: Sarah Barkly, age 19 and born in Michigan; Fred Barkley, age 15 and born New York; and David C Barkly, age 2/12, born within the year (March?) and born in Illinois.

Job worked as a farmer and carpenter.

In 19051553, a Job Barkley, age 78 and a pauper, is listed as an inmate of the Ulster Co. (NY) Alms House.

Children of Job (m157) B BARKLEY and Sarah Ann DAFT:

1. Frederick (Fred) B BARKLEY1551 b. 1855~1551 at Orange Co., New York1551. d. 1924 Oct 81551 at St Charles, Illinois1551. bd. St Charles, Illinois1551.
md. Mary DOYLE
2. Amelia A BARKLEY1554 b. 1856~1554 at New York1554.
3. Ann BARKLEY1552 b. 1858~1552 at Iowa1552.
4. Alice BARKLEY0, 1551 b. 1861 Aug 191551 at Iowa1551.
md. Charles GRANT
5. David C BARKLEY1554 b. 1870 Mar?1554 at Illinois1554.

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