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Family of Stephen VEAZIE and Martha (Patty) HARDING

Stephen VEAZIE b. 1778 Nov201 at prob Harpswell, Maine57. d. 1855 Dec 13201 at Caton, NY201. bd. Elmwood Cemetery, Caton, NY201.
Martha (Patty) HARDING b. at prob Trenton, ME57. d. 1839 Mar 7103 at Corinna, ME103.

Married57 1800 Apr 457 at prob Islesboro or Trenton, ME57.

Stephen was probably born in Harpswell, Maine, the son of Samuel Veazie of Islesboro and Phebe Holbrook. Samuel Veazie was the son of Rev. Samuel Veazie of Hull and Harpswell and Deborah Sampson.

The records for Trenton, Maine, record an intention of marriage, 4 Apr 1800, between Stephen Veazie of Islesboro and Patty Harding of Trenton. In 1800, Stephen Veazie is a resident of Islesboro, with just himself and a female in the household. See below for additional information on the name "Harding."

Stephen may be the "Stephen Phesey" in Greene Plantation, ME, in 1810 as the birthdates ranges for the family are approximately correct.

Stephen may be the 60-70 year old male in the household of Dominicus Sewell (his son-in-law) in Corinna in 1840. He does not otherwise appear in the 1840 or 1850 census records.

Between 1851 and 1852, Stephen, his sons Laban, Stephen Jr, and Alden and their families, and his daughters Martha H and Mary J and their families, all emigrated from Corinna to Caton, NY, where they took up farming. In 1855, Stephen Veazie, age 77, "father-in-law," resided in the household of Dominicus Sewell and his wife Martha H, Stephen's daughter. Stephen died in Caton and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery there. When this author viewed his headstone in 2005 the inscription of his deathdate and age at death were clear.

Regarding the Harding name: in a telephone conversation between Alvin John Veazie of Utah and Bruce J Veazie in Oct 2008, Alvin stated that his own middle name was John, his father's middle name was Harding and his grandfather's middle name was Reynolds. In addition, a legal notice2849, Bangor (ME) Daily News, has, with regard to the estate of Alvin H Veazie (in this genealogy, 1901-1982): "also known as ALVIN HARDING VEAZIE." This supports the assumption that Martha, wife of Stephen, is Patty Harding of Trenton.

Child 3. Paulina

Paulina was probably unmarried, although intentions to marry Sampson Coombs of Islesboro (23 Jun 1830) and Samuel Townsend of Exeter (22 Dec 1834) are mentioned in the Corinna town records. Her death in the town records is recorded, however, as Paulina Veazie.

Child 9. Sewell

Sewell may have died young, as he doesn't seem to appear in records after his birth.

Children of Stephen VEAZIE and Martha (Patty) HARDING:

1. Isaac VEAZIE79 b. 1806 Nov 5103 at prob Islesboro, ME. d. after 1880100 at prob Corinna, ME.
md. 1) Lydia KNOWLES
md. 2) Sabury E COLE
2. John H VEAZIE79 b. 1808 Nov 1357 at prob Islesboro, ME. d. 1848 Feb 17385 at Limington, ME326.
md. Louisa T FOLSOM
3. Paulina VEAZIE79 b. 1810 Apr 479. d. 1838 Jul 2779 at Corinna, ME79.
4. Laban VEAZIE79 b. 1812 May 19103 at Corinna, ME103. d. 1877 Dec 245273 at Elmira, New York5273. bd. Elmwood Cemetery, Caton, NY201.
md. Lucy (w of Laban) VEAZIE
5. Stephen Jr VEAZIE79 b. 1815 Jun 1479 at prob Harpswell, ME398. d. 1881 Mar 25201 at Caton, NY369. bd. Elmwood Cem., Caton, NY201.
md. Sarah Chandler FOLSOM
6. Martha Hurstan VEAZIE79 b. 1816 Dec 379 at Maine215. d. 1892 Nov 14237 at Covington, PA237.
md. Dominicus SEWELL
7. Mary Jane VEAZIE103 b. 1820 Oct 17103 at Corinna, Maine103. d. 1875 Feb 27154 at Caton, NY154.
md. James SEWELL
8. Alden VEAZIE79 b. 1823 Dec 3103 at Corinna, ME198. d. 1897 Dec 222204 at Limington, ME2204. bd. Limington, ME2204.
md. Elizabeth LORD
9. Sewell VEAZIE79 b. 1830 Nov 13103 at Corinna, ME103. d. died young?.

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