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Family of Reuben HALL and Hannah HALL

Reuben HALL b. 1785~1619 at Connecticut1619.
Hannah HALL b. 1796~1619 at New York1619.

Married1619. The 1905 South Dakota census1629 lists Alfred Hall's birthplace as Liberty, New York. His birth year from various records is ~1829. In addition, several records indicate his father was born in Commecticut. With that information, it appears likely that he is the Alfred Hall, age 22 (born ~1828), living in the household of, and likely the child of, Reuben Hall, born Connecticut, and Hannah Hall, in 1850 in Liberty, New York.

Children of Reuben HALL and Hannah HALL:

1. Alfred M HALL1619 b. 1829 Jan1618 at Liberty, New York1629. d. probably before 1920.
md. Catherine (m76) (Kate) BARCLAY

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