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Family of Alonzo C BARKLEY and Mary Julia DAVIS

Alonzo C BARKLEY b. 1849~1284 at Michigan1284. d. 1895 Mar?2668.
Mary Julia DAVIS b. 1848 Feb 192188 at Bowen Station, Kent Co., Michigan1523. d. 1911 Apr 21520 at Grand Rapids, MI1520.

Married1523 1874 Mar 161523 at Bowen Station, Kent Co., Michigan1523. The marriage record1523 for Alonzo and Mary lists Mary as "spinster."

Alonzo served2583 in the Civil War, 15th Regiment, Company A. Alonzo was a farmer, although the 1882 city directory for Grand Rapids, MI, lists Alonzo C Barkley, as working at G R Felt Boot Co., res 90 Clinton. He was appointed postmaster2668 of Crosby, MI (late Bowen Station) 27 Feb 1886. Those not entriely clear, it appears he served until March, 1895. In Jun, 1895, Mary J Barkley was appointed to the same post. This may indicate his death date. Bowen Station was, at one time, a community in the southeast section of what is, today, Grand Rapids.

The publication2667 "The City of Grand Rapids ... Up To Date" provides a biography of Mary's parents, along with information for her siblings. Her full name is therein listed. She is mentioned as the widow of Alonzo Barkley.

Child 1. Glenn

In 1880, George was enumerated as "Blinn B Barkley," born ~1878, son of Alonzo and May J Barkley. In 1894, he is listed as Glenn Barkley. On Oct 22, 1895, Glenn B Barkley, age 21, enlisted2670 in the Fifth Artillery, Company F, for a term of 3 years. It appears from that record that he was discharged Jul 1896, reapplied Sep 27, 1898 and was discharged Oct 20, 1898.

Children of Alonzo C BARKLEY and Mary Julia DAVIS:

1. Glenn B BARKLEY1630 b. 1878 Jun 221630 at Grand Rapids, MI1630. d. 1918 Nov 61630 at So. Stillwater, Washington Co., MN1630.
2. Carrie L BARKLEY2665 b. 1885 Dec2665 at unknown2665. d. 1928840. bd. Highland Park Cem., Ionia, MI840.
md. Hiram Harrison DARLING

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