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Family of Josiah VEAZIE and Susanna BENNETT

Josiah VEAZIE b. 1780 Sep 4841 at Braintree, MA841. d. 1834 Aug 41723 at Boston, MA1723.
Susanna BENNETT b. 1784~3271 at Exeter, New Hampshire1755. d. 1865 Oct 83271 at Boston, MA3271.

Married853 1803 Oct 27853 at Boston, MA853. Hillman800 concludes that this Josiah is the son of Josiah b ~1744, son of Benjamin.

Hillman has death 28 July 1834. Boston Deaths and Interments1723 may well be recorded date rather than death date.

The Josiah Veazie of this profile is likely the Josiah Veazie appearing in the 18105235, 18204969 and 18305236 census records for Boston, MA. As mentioned by Hillman800, Josiah may have had as many as 9 children, if the children listed in those records are his. However, only a few children can be reasonably identified. Hillman identifies only William F and Jerome B Veazie as Josiah's children. Susan L Veazie is included herein as the death record for Susan L Bacon lists her parents as Josiah Veazie and Susan Bennett. In addition, Susan Veasey, age 75, born N.H., resided487 in 1860 in the household of Hiram and Susan Bacon.

The death record3271 for Susannah (m.n. Bennett) Veazie lists the cause of death as "dis. Of kidney." She resided/died at 184 Third St; she was born in Exeter, NH; her parents were William (born England) and Susanna (born Execter, NH.) She died at the age of 81.

Son William's death record lists father Josiah, b Quincy, and "Susan," b Exeter, New Hampshire.

In 1850470, Susanna Veazie, age 64, born New Hampshire, was living with her son William F and his wife Mary L M Veazie. She also resided with them in 18555237, listed as age 72, born Massachusetts.

Child 2. Maria

The death record1781 for Maria C Hopkins, "mn Veazie," lists her parents as Josiah and Susannah Veazie. From her birth date calculated from age at death, her birthplace and parents' names, it is assumed she was the daughter of Josiah Veazie and Susannah Bennett.

Children of Josiah VEAZIE and Susanna BENNETT:

1. Susan L VEAZIE2226 b. 1809 May 122226 at Boston, MA2226. d. 1897 May 222226 at 242 Third St, Boston, MA2226.
md. Hiram BACON
2. Maria C VEAZIE1781 b. 1813~1781 at Boston, MA1781. d. 1883 Dec 21781 at Boston, MA1781.
3. William F VEAZIE1755 b. 1817 Feb 16~1755 at Boston, MA1755. d. 1872 Nov 161755 at Boston, MA1755. bd. Mt Hope?, MA1755.
md. Louisa Mary PENFIELD
4. Jerome B VEAZIE2226 b. 1819 May 92226 at Boston, MA2226. d. 1867 Jul 92226 at 183 Broadway, Boston, MA2226.
md. Mary Ann PENNELL

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