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Family of William F VEAZIE and Louisa Mary PENFIELD

William F VEAZIE b. 1817 Feb 16~1755 at Boston, MA1755. d. 1872 Nov 161755 at Boston, MA1755. bd. Mt Hope?, MA1755.
Louisa Mary PENFIELD b. 1821 Mar 1825 at Gorham, Maine825. d. 1878 Jan 311755 at 48 Lawrence St., Boston, MA1755. bd. Mt Hope Cem., Boston, MA1755.

Married1755 1842 Mar 241755 at Boston, MA1755. The marriage record lists Louisa's maiden name (Penfield).

In the Boston (MA) Morning Post, Apr 7, 1841 (, and similarly on several other dates over several years thereafter, an advertisement appears for "Warm Baths at Warren Bridge" above the name Wm. F. Veazie. The establishment was open every day, from sunrise to 10 P.M. "Person wishing for water to bathe," or for neat and convenient rooms, were invited to call at the establishment. Later that year, assumed to be the same business, was the statement that "Veazie's Bath House, on Trull's wharf" was one of the most comfortable establishments in the city. A bit of research indicates that Trull's wharf was likely near the Warren bridge which connects downtown Boston and Chelsea.

In 1850470 and 18601756, William was listed as the keeper of a bathing house. Hillman has death date 26 Nov. Image of Boston Deaths1755 has 16 Nov, perhaps a transcription error. Birth date is estimated from age at death of 55y 9m, no number of days listed - perhaps unknown.

In the 1880 census770, Adalaide (single, b ~1852), George (married, b ~1858) and William E (married, b ~1844) Veazie are servants in the household of Theo Hobigoud. It seems likely that these are three of the children of William and Louisa. George and William are easily identified. "Adalaide" may be either Anna A or Sarah A.

The 1850 census470 lists William's wife as "Mary L M." The 1860 census{\suer 1756} lists her as "Louisa M." The marriage record1755 for William and Louisa lists Louisa's maiden name. She is therein listed as "of Gorham, Me."

Louisa's birth record825 lists her born in Gorham, Maine, to Nathan C and Mary Penfield. Her death record1755 lists her father and mother as Nathan and Mary - no last name given.

Child 2. Mary

Daughter Mary died1774 age 26 of small pox.

Child 4. Sarah

Sarah's middle name may be Adalaide, as an Adalaide Veazie, b Mass, parents b Mass/Maine, is living770 in 1880 with George and William E Veazie, and Ellis Knowlton (the husband of her sister Annie) and Ellis' two children. In 1900 and 1910, she is lodging with the family of John and Annie Whippen, their children and his sister. She worked in a bakery (1900) and a variety store (1910).

Children of William F VEAZIE and Louisa Mary PENFIELD:

1. William E VEAZIE470 b. 1843 Feb523 at Boston, MA1755. d. 1912 Oct 191774 at 1357 Broadway, Somerville, MA1774. bd. Woodlawn Cem., Everett, MA1774.
md. Mary Elizabeth CLAFLIN
2. Mary L VEAZIE470 b. 1846~470 at Massachusetts470. d. 1872 Nov 221774 at Warren Bridge (adr), Boston, MA1774.
3. Annie A VEAZIE470 b. 1848~470 at Boston, MA1774. d. 1879 Oct 51774 at 48 Lawrence St, Boston, MA1774.
md. Ellis W KNOWLTON
4. Sarah A VEAZIE1756 b. 1853 Dec939 at Massachusetts1756. d. after 1910786.
5. George F VEAZIE1755 b. 1857 Sep 141755 at Charlestown, MA1755. d. bef 19001757.
md. Melinda E WILEY

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