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Family of George VEAZIE and Mahala P DURGIN

George VEAZIE b. 1809 Feb 11945 at Quincy, MA945. d. 1889 Dec 122613 at Quincy, MA2613.
Mahala P DURGIN b. 1819 Dec~2613 at Pittsfield, NH2613. d. 1898 Apr 82613 at at home, 11 Mechanic St., Quincy, MA2613. bd. Mt Wollaston Cem., Quincy, MA841.

Married2891 1843 May 112891 at Quincy, MA2891.

George, listed as "George 2d," and Mahala were married by Rev. William Allen, Orthodox Minister, of Quincy.

In several records, George is listed as "George 2d," likely to distinguish him from his uncle George Veazie who resided in Quincy, MA, during the same period. Both George and his uncle were carpenters by trade, as indicated in several records.

In 1880, this George Veazie is listed as "retired carpenter."

Hillman800 mentions the possibility that Mahala was the daughter of Clark Durgin who resided in Milton, MA, in 1840. Clark Durgin was in Andover, NH, in 1850. Mahala P [Durgin] Veazie, widow of George 2 Veazie, died at home in Quincy, MA, at the age of 78y 4m 12d, of pneumonia. Her birthdate is estimated from that information.

Child 1. George

George Franklin Veazie was born2005 to George 2d and Mahala Veazie. George F died Feb 15, 1848, of croup at the age of 4y 2m. He was interred Feb 17.

Child 2. Ida

Ida May's death record2613 lists her birthplace as "Alexandria." Her birthplace is assumed from that record and the 1870 and 1880 censuses which clearly indicate her birthplace as New Hampshire. Ida May died at the age of 23y 11m 19d, of consumption. Interestingly, that death record lists her parents as Geo. And Mahala P. [Veazie] "by adoption." The implication of that notation is not understood.

Children of George VEAZIE and Mahala P DURGIN:

1. George Franklin VEAZIE2005 b. 1843 Dec 92005 at Quincy, MA2005. d. 1848 Feb 15945 at Quincy, MA945. bd. Mt Wollaston Cem., Quincy, MA841.
2. Ida May VEAZIE861 b. 1860841 at Alexandria, NH2613. d. 1884 Dec 272613 at Quincy, MA2613. bd. Mt Wollaston Cem., Quincy, MA841.

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