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Family of John BRIDGE and Rachel FLAGG

John BRIDGE b. 1763 Jul 121794 at Lexington, MA1794. d. 1795 Oct 171794.
Rachel FLAGG b. 1759~936. d. 1836 Sep 20936 at Boston, MA936. bd. Tomb 67, Granary Burying Ground, Boston, MA936.

Married1792 1786 Sep 301792 at Pownalborough, ME1792.

The date given is for the intention of marriage, not the marriage date.

For those interested in the genealogy of John Bridge, Genealogy of the John Bridge Family1794 is much more accurate than "An Account of the Descendants of ---"1786, which contains several inaccuracies and incorrect dates.

Rachel's maiden name is spelled variously as FLAG and FLAGG. Her birthyear is estimated from her age at death936: 77. Her burial record936 reads "Rachel Bridge, from Newton." This record is assumed to be Rachel Flagg, the wife of John Bridge, as the birth date is appropriate, the inscription of Tomb 67 states it is the property of the heirs of "the late" Mr. David Flagg936, and others named Flagg are buried there. Though circumstantial, it is convincing.

Children of John BRIDGE and Rachel FLAGG:

1. Rachel Flagg BRIDGE825 b. 1793 Jun 28825 at Pownalborough (Wiscasset), ME825. d. 1873 Aug 271790 at Chelsea, MA1790.
md. Joseph VEAZIE

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