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Family of Joseph Augustus VEAZIE and Frances Swift ROGERS

Joseph Augustus VEAZIE b. 1815 Mar 241781 at Boston, MA1781. d. 1875 May 91781 at Boston, MA1781. bd. Mt Auburn Cem., Cambridge, MA1785.
Frances Swift ROGERS b. 1819 Aug 121781 at Boston, MA1790. d. 1901 May 301781 at Boston, MA1781. bd. Cambridge, MA1781.

Married1794 1838 Oct 101794.

Joseph's birthdate is calculated from his age at death, 60y 1m 15d. His death record1781 (MVR V276:114) is on a page labeled '1874.' However, pages before and after that page are labeled '1875." His full name is given in one of his death records1785. He died at home, 11 James St. Wife Fanny was living at that address2265 in 1890.

Joseph Veazie was an exchange broker, listed in census records with personal values of $16000 (1850), real estate $100,000/personal $8000 (1860), and real estate $15000/personal $20000 (1870).

Joseph Veazie was not always successful in his investment endeavors. He is likely the Joseph A Veazie mentioned in an 1891 newspaper article (Bradford PA Era, July 16, 1891) describing him as the originator of the Shawmut (PA) coal mining venture. In the 1860s and 1870s, the town of Shawmut was one of the leading soft coal mining towns in Pennsylvania. Joseph A Veazie convinced a number of Boston capitalists that the coal field had no equal. Several thousand acres in the Mead Run area of northwestern PA were purchased, and coal mining was begun. A connection with the Sunbury & Erie railroad was required which, unfortunately, had to run over a large mountain. Due to the excessive grade, a series of about a dozen switchbacks needed to be built. To make a long story short, the coal arrived at the market at little more value than its cost to produce and deliver. Eventually, the $400,000 mortgage on the Shawmut property was foreclosed.

Joseph's death record1781 lists him as married at the time of his death. Fannie's birthplace and maiden name are given in son Joseph's death record1790. Fannie's birthdate is calculated from her age at death1781: 80y 9m 18d. She died of organic heart disease.

Fanny S Veazie signed her will5288 Jun 8, 1897. She left her estate to her children Winchester Veazie, and Alice R Veazie, "both of Boston." [those were her only surviving children - bjv] In an unusual statement, she wrote: "I hereby declare it is my intention that the children of my son Joseph deceased shall take nothing under this will." She named her son Winchester as executor; the will was witnessed by May S Hornby, Ellen Sullivan, and Catherine W Faucon. The will was proved Jul 5, 1901.

Child 2. Judith

Judith's death record1755 states her death at age 4 was accidental, and her "family" is listed as Jos Veazie, Jr.

Child 3. Alice

In the 1910 census1804 and 1920 census1805 Alice R Veazie is living in the household of her brother Winchester. She may be the Alice R Veazie who died796 1928, in Bridgewater, Mass.

Children of Joseph Augustus VEAZIE and Frances Swift ROGERS:

1. Joseph VEAZIE1794 b. 1840 May 61787 at Sutton, MA1787. d. 1897 Mar 21790 at Chelsea, MA1790. bd. Woodlawn Cem., Chelsea, MA1790.
md. Catherine (Katie) CONLEY
2. Judith Francis VEAZIE1794 b. 1843 Jun 51794. d. 1847 May 191755 at Boston, MA1755. bd. Mount Auburn, Boston, MA1755.
3. Alice Rogers VEAZIE1794 b. 1846 May 101794 at Massachusetts1795. d. 1928?796 at Bridgewater, MA?796.
4. Winchester VEAZIE1803 b. 1848 Aug 191794 at Massachusetts1795. d. 1925 Dec 11148.
md. Martha A DOWNS
5. Frank Boyleston VEAZIE1794 b. 1850 Nov 91794 at Massachusetts1795. d. 1874 Jun 261794.

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