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Family of Thomas VEAZIE and Mary Polly HAVENS

Thomas VEAZIE b. 1778 Jun 7800 at Boston, MA800. d. 1861 Sep 71837 at Geneva, NY1837. bd. Evergreen Cem., Torrey, NY1837.
Mary Polly HAVENS b. 1783~1838 at Massachusetts1838. d. 1850 Oct 104481 at Dresden, NY4481. bd. Evergreen Cem., Torrey, NY1837.

Married1837 1804~ at Massachusetts. The marriage date and place for Thomas Veazie and Mary Havens is a guess based on the birthdate and birthplace of their oldest child, Huldah.

Thomas is likely the head of household "Veazie Thomas" in the 1810 census for Adams, Berkshire Co., Mass. Three children, of the right sex and age ranges to be Huldan, Harriet, and Alpheus are listed in that record.

In 18501838 and 18553145, Thomas Veazie was listed as a wagonmaker.

An article5453 in a Rome, NY, newspaper, regarding the history of Liberty Street in that city, relates that, prior to 1835, there was but one dwelling on the whole street. That dwelling was erected by Thomas Veazie about 1820. "Mr. V had a wagon shop on the north end of his lot," and was succeeded in the house and shop by Nathan Lawton. The lot went through several changes, and, later, "in the place of the wagon shop, Cyrus Hayden erected the present dwelling," almost certainly referring to the husband of Thomas' daughter, Mary Jane (Veazie) Hayden.

An 1865 affidavit4515 by Thomas' daughter Mary J (Veazie) Hayden provides information for the family of Thomas Veazie. She stated that her father's children were: Alpheus, Charles, Henry, Thomas, John, Sarah A, Huldah, Harriet, and herself. She further stated: Harriet died childless; Henry died leaving a widow surviving him, Lydia A., then of Rome, NY, and three children, whose full names she supplied. At the time, they were all living, and all except Louise Adelaide were unmarried.

The cemetery project1837 lists "Veazie Mary Havens" as the wife of Thomas Veazie. In the 1850 census1838 "Polly" Veazie, age 67 [b ~1783] is listed in the household of Thomas Veazie, age 75. The Yates Co. Cemetery project has her death date as Oct 1, 1850. The death notice4481 for Mrs Polly Veazie has Oct 10, reported on Oct 23 in the cited newspaper. In an 1865 affidavit4515, deposed by her daughter, Mary J (Veazie) Hayden, Mary Hayden stated that Thomas Veazie's wife died Oct 10, 1850.

Thomas' wife is not Polly Darling, as some Darling genealogies have her, as Polly (Darling) Veazie was alive well after 1850. Polly (Darling) Veazie was, in fact, the wife of Thomas' brother, Benjamin Veazie, as stated in an 1865 affidavit4508 deposed by Polly Veazie, "widow of Benj Veazie." Other: An 1853 legal notice4476 for David Darling mentions Polly Veazie of Newfane, Niagara Co., NY, in the list of heirs and next-of-kin. The 1853 will4477 of David Darling mentions a sister Polly Veazie. That Polly (Darling) Veazie appears in the census records for Newfane, NY, living with her daughter and son-in-law, in 1850, 1855, and 1860.

Child 2. Harriet

In a May 9, 1865 affidavit4515, Harriet's sister Mary J (Veazie) Hayden said of Harriet that she died childless. The date of that affidavit provides an estimate of Harriet's death date. That affidavit statement also implies Harriet had been married, but her spouse's name wasn't mentioned. Hillman800 has Harriet married (Silas?) Hall, and died 1867, referencing a document by Hattie (Davis) Veazie.

The Hattie (Davis) Veazie document, for which several other errors have been found, was (apparently) mistaken regarding the death date, but Hillman mentions a Silas Hall with a wife Harriet of the right age resided in Trenton, Oneida Co., NY, in 1850 and 1860. However, from the census records, that Harriet Hall appears to have had (at least) 2 children. In addition, a headstone in Prospect Cem., Prospect, Oneida Co., NY, for Harriet, "wife of Silas B Hall," lists a death of Aug 5, 1865, age 62 years.

Children of Thomas VEAZIE and Mary Polly HAVENS:

1. Huldah VEAZIE800 b. 1805~840 at Adams, MA800. d. 1883 Aug 271840 at home of son-in-law George Kinney, Embargo St, Rome, NY1840.
2. Harriet VEAZIE800 b. 1808~800 at North Adams, MA800. d. bef May 18654515.
3. Alpheus VEAZIE800 b. 1809 May 92778 at North Adams, MA800. d. 1873 Aug 221822. bd. Brockport Cem., Brockport, NY1822.
md. Sarah L HINKLEY
4. Charles E VEAZIE800 b. 18151822 at Monroe Co., New York4076. d. 1886 Feb 75272 at Brockport, NY5272. bd. Parma Corners Cem., Parma, NY1822.
md. 1) Laura (w of Charles) VEAZIE
md. 2) Harriet (w of Charles E) E VEAZIE
5. Henry H VEAZIE4515 b. 1815 Sep 17840 at New York1901. d. 1852 Dec 19840. bd. Rome Cem., Rome, NY840.
md. Lydia Ann HAYDEN
6. Thomas A VEAZIE800 b. 18221837 at Rome, NY1845. d. 1896 Apr 111837 at 143 1-2 West Water St, Elmira, NY1845. bd. Evergreen Cem., Torrey, NY1837.
md. 1) Julia A YATES
md. 2) Mary J HAVENS
7. Mary Jane VEAZIE800 b. 1823 May4706 at Rome, NY800. d. 1915 May 11859 at home of son George E Hayden, Montour Falls, NY1859. bd. Rome Cem., Rome, NY1859.
md. Cyrus HAYDEN
8. Sarah A VEAZIE800 b. 1825 Aug 173053 at New York1893. d. 1876 Sep 213053.
md. James Demott CONDIT
9. John VEAZIE800 b. 18283142 at Rome, NY3142. d. 1893 Dec 203142 at Havana, NY3142.
md. Sarah E PAGE

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