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Family of Henry VEAZIE and Jane M VEAZIE

Henry VEAZIE b. 1813 Aug 34508 at North Adams, MA1900. d. after 18881900.
Jane M VEAZIE b. 1820~1822 at Ontario Co., NY3275. d. 1859 Dec 181822. bd. Parma Corners Cem., Parma, NY1822.

Married1822 1838 bef1822.

Cemetery transcriptions1822 in the Parma Corners Cem., Parma, NY, list several children of Henry and Jane Veazie. Some of those children, e.g. Lorenzo, appear in census records, following Jane's death, with Henry and later wives. The eldest child of Henry and Jane, William, was born in 1838.

Hillman800 supposed this Henry Veazie to be the son of Thomas and Mary "Polly" (Havens) Veazie, based on Henry's age given in various records, and his birthplace listed as Massachusetts in some records. However, the probate records4509 for Joseph Veazie of Rhode Island, contain several affidavits which provide information not found elsewhere, identifying this Henry Veazie as the son of Thomas' brother Benjamin, and Benjamin's wife, Polly.

One of those affidavits4508, most important to this profile, was deposed in 1865 by Polly Veazie of Parma, NY, "widow of Benj. Veazie." She provides the birth date for her son Henry Veazie. Of their three children, excepting Martha "who died prior to 1860 without issue," states they survived her husband Benjamin.

Another affidavit4504, deposed in 1866 by John V Efner of Parma, the son of Mary (Veazie) Efner, also states that his mother's brother Benjamin left a widow, also of Parma, with one surviving child, Henry Veazie. Henry's sister, Caroline (Veazie) Smith, mentioned as alive in 1865 by Polly Veazie, died several months before Efner's deposition. Various cemetery inscriptions1822 in Parma Corners Cem., Parma, NY, coincide with other information to provide information for Henry Veazie, son of Benjamin and Polly (Darling) Veazie.

Henry's occupations were: 1850 - carpenter; 1855, 1860, 1865, 1870, 1875,1880 -pump maker. Henry's birthplace is listed in 2 census records as New York. In the majority of records that list his birthplace, it's listed as Massachusetts. The information an 1888 census1900 of inmates in almhouses and poorhouses, Erie Co., NY, for a Henry Veazie, fits exactly this son of Benjamin Veazie. Sadly, his reason for dependence is listed as "destitution."

In a 1865 affidavit4515 deposed by Mary J (Veazie) Hayden, daughter of Thomas Veazie, Mary states her brother Henry died leaving a widow "Lydia A." of Rome, NY, and three children, giving their full names. That Henry H Veazie, son of Thomas Veazie is profiled elsewhere.

Child 3. Lorenzo

Lorenzo enlisted1004 8 Mar 1861, Rochester, NY, in Co. C, New York Third Cavalry Regiment. He was mustered in 3 Aug 1861 and mustered out 29 Jun 1865. He died1905 and was buried in Philadelphia, PA, shortly thereafter.

Child 4. Aaron

Other than the Aaron Veazie, age 6, living with his parents in Newfane, NY, in 1850, he doesn't seem to appear in other records. Perhaps he died young?

Children of Henry VEAZIE and Jane M VEAZIE:

1. William H VEAZIE1822 b. 1838 Mar~1822. d. 1838 Oct 31822. bd. Parma Corners Cem., Parma, NY1822.
2. Elizabeth A VEAZIE1822 b. 1839~1822. d. 1841 Jun 211822. bd. Parma Corners Cem., Parma, NY1822.
3. Lorenzo VEAZIE1903 b. 1842~1903 at Monroe Co., New York3275. d. 1865 Jul 141905 at Philadelphia, PA1905. bd. Lafayett(?)1905.
4. Aaron VEAZIE1903 b. 1844~1903 at New York1903.
5. Martha C VEAZIE1822 b. 1845 Dec~1822. d. 1847 Jun 241822. bd. Parma Corners Cem., Parma, NY1822.
6. George VEAZIE1903 b. 1848 Sep1909 at Monroe Co., NY2811. d. 1921 Sep 61904 at Maple View (Mexico), NY1904. bd. Mapleview Cem., Mexico, NY840.
md. 1) Betsey VEAZIE
md. 2) Mary R VANNETT

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