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Family of Sylvester Treat VESEY and Dora AUSTIN

Sylvester Treat VESEY b. 1864 Oct 32072 at Milford Twp., Lagrange Co., IN2072. d. 1923 Aug 12056 at Lagrange Co., IN2056. bd. Greenwood Cem., Lagrange, IN840.
Dora AUSTIN b. 1882 Oct 252072 at Milford Twp, Lagrange Co., IN2072. d. 1947840. bd. Greenwood Cem., Lagrange, IN840.

Married2072 1910 Sep 112072 at Lagrange Co., IN2072.

Sylvester was a farmer in Milford Township, Lagrange Co., Indiana.

Following the February, 1909, death of his first wife, Edna, Sylvester became despondent4610. Fearing that he would attempt to take his own life, the family stayed close by Sylvester. Early in the morning of Feb 21, 1909, Sylvester and his brother-in-law, Charles Sears (husband of his sister Margaret), went to Charles' barn. Charles was called back to the house. Later, when Sylvester did not return to the house, the family became concerned and Charles hurried to the barn to find Sylvester in the haymow. Sylvester had ingested carbolic acid and was found unconscious.

Though his suicide attempt had left him in critical condition, Sylvester recovered. In May, 1909, Sylvester was named administrator4614 of the estate of Lydia C Vesey-Howard, his aunt. The estate had an estimated worth of $35,000 to $40,000. The administration was somewhat contentious as there was a codicil to the will, beneficiaries to whom the codicil was not favorable made a showing, the codicil was not probated, and the beneficiaries of that codicil were not notified of the probate.

In October, 1909, a judge ordered4616 the codicil to be probated. The will proper had distributed about $20,000 to a number of persons, and bequeathed 160 acres of land to Horace J, Benjamin W, and John B Vesey. The codicil modified that bequeathal to provide that the land was to go to Horace J Vesey, and, following his death, it was to go to William H and Amanda Day. The codicil also named several beneficiaries to receive $1000 apiece.

Children of Sylvester Treat VESEY and Dora AUSTIN:

1. Robert E VESEY840 b. 1911840. d. 1917840. bd. Greenwood Cem., Lagrange, IN840.

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