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Family of John B SEARS and Mary Priscilla MCINTIRE

John B SEARS b. 1805~484 at Warren, ME1774.
Mary Priscilla MCINTIRE b. 1803~484 at Warren, ME1774.


Daughter Mary's death certificate lists her parents and their birthplaces.

John, wife Priscilla, and 6 children, including Mary K Sears, age 19, resided in Rockland, ME, in 1850. He was then a dealer in patent medicine. His residence is listed as a boarding house. In 1860, John, son Richard W Sears, and Richard S Blaisdell, resided in Castoria, California. In an adjacent residence resided John's son, John B Sears, Jr., his wife(?) Margaret F Sears, and son(?) James R Sears, age 1, born in California.

In some records, Mary K Sears' mother is listed as Priscilla; in others, Mary Sears.

Children of John B SEARS and Mary Priscilla MCINTIRE:

1. Mary Kimball SEARS1774 b. 1830 Nov 301774 at Rockland, ME1774. d. 1911 Apr 131774 at Boston, MA1774. bd. cremated, Massachusetts Crematory, A L Eastman Co1774.
md. Samuel M VEAZIE

484. 1850 Fed Census ME, Lincoln Co., Rockland;
1774. Massachusetts Deaths, 1841-1915;,