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Family of Bruce Jeffrey VEAZIE and Lynne Ann KUCZYNSKI

Bruce Jeffrey VEAZIE b. 1949 May 27 at Newark Hospital, Newark, Ohio.
Lynne Ann KUCZYNSKI b. 1953 Nov 6 at Pittsburgh, PA.

Married 1996 Mar 29 at Justice of the Peace, South Queensferry, Scotland.

Bruce and Tina were married in the home of her parents. Bruce's brother Dick was his Best Man, and Bruce's sister Barbara was Tina's Matron of Honor.

Bruce and Tina's first child, Bruce Jeffrey, was born prematurely and lived only a few short hours.

Bruce and Tina were divorced in 1992 and she changed her name back to Heisey. Tina died from complications of breast cancer. She was cremated and her ashes buried in the Heisey plot in Granville.

After graduation from The Ohio State University in 1971 with a degree in Engineering Physics, Bruce served as an officer in the US Navy, working in Admiral Rickover's nuclear engineering group in Alexandria, Virginia.

Bruce and Tina then moved to Kingston, Tennessee, where Bruce was employed by Burns and Roe in nearby Oak Ridge, working on the Clinch River Breeder reactor project. Two years later, Bruce began working at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

In 1982, Bruce, Tina and the family moved to Drums, Pennsylvania, where Bruce began working for Pennsylvania, Power and Light, in Berwick, on the construction and operation of the Susquehanna Steam-Electric Station, Units 1 and 2. Following Tina's death, he transferred to the Allentown offices of PPL's nuclear department.

Bruce and Lynne met while both were working for Pennsylvania, Power and Light (now ppl LLC). Prior to their marriage, Bruce and Lynne had decided to surprise a friend from Minnesota by showing up ringside at a dogshow that friend was scheduled to judge in Glasgow, Scotland. They then decided to get married while they were in Scotland. They were married at the Registrar's Office in South Queensferry, outside of Edinburgh (pronounced e-din-bur-e, short e sound), close to Glasgow on the Firth of Forth between the Forth highway bridge and the famous Firth of Forth rail bridge. No-one in the ceremony wore trousers. The gents: Bruce, Best Man Tot Barass, and the photographer, all wore kilts of McDonald Hunting Green. Lynne, Matron of Honor Moira Barass, Annie Bouche (friend and dog show judge), and the Registrar Margaret Donelly, all wore skirts. Moira's Skye Terrier Mistie was in attendance, a symbol of faithfulness.