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Family of Jason M STUDLEY and Adella Freelove VEAZIE

Jason M STUDLEY b. 1851~801 at Maine801.
Adella Freelove VEAZIE b. 1852 Jan 181711 at Rockland, ME1711. d. 1934840. bd. Achorn Cem., Rockland, ME840.

Married2317 1875 Apr 242317 at Rockland, ME2317.

It appears that Adella's marriage to Jason did not go well. Although Adella, husband Jason, and son Clarence appear with the surname Studley in 1880, Adella and Clarence appear in other records as "Veazie." E.g., by 1879, she appears in the Portland, Maine, city directory as "Veazie," a teacher. In 1892, she resided4326 with her mother Freelove D Veazie "widow of Abiezer" at 235 Rankin, Rockland, ME.

On Apr 21, 1896, Adella F Veazie of Rockland, Maine, petitioned [Maine Wills and Probate Records, 1584-1999, Knox Co., Estate Files, No. 4052-4075, 1896;] the Judge of the Probate Court, Knox County (Maine), to be appointed administrator of the estate of Freelove D Veazie, of Rockland, who died 26 March, 1896. Adella stated that she was the daughter and the only heir-at-law of the deceased, and the deceased left no widower. Among the witnesses to the petition was "S W Veazie," assumed to be her uncle, Sewell Watson Veazie. She was appointed administratrix the same day.

Child 1. Clarence

Clarence R Studley appears in the 1880 census with father Jason and mother Adella F Studley. However, his death record and headstone have the name "Veazie." Clarence' death record2204 lists his father as "Studley" and mother as Adella F Veazie. The Boston Globe, Oct 15, 1893, relates his death: Rockland, ME, Oct 14 - he was a son of Mrs Adella F Veazie, a teacher in the public schools, but made his home with his grandmother, Mrs Abiezer Veazie, Rankin St. He was missing for a considerable time and a search was made. He was found hanging from a rafter in a barn. Though aged 12 years, he was remarkably bright and was a member of the high school at the time of his death.

Children of Jason M STUDLEY and Adella Freelove VEAZIE:

1. Clarence Ross VEAZIE2204 b. 1880 Apr 192204 at Portland, ME2204. d. 1893 Oct 142204 at Rockland, ME2204. bd. Achorn Cem., Rockland, ME840.

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