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Family of Clarence L VAN ZANDT and Mary Elizabeth MILLIKEN

Clarence L VAN ZANDT b. 1833~890 at New York890. d. 1880890 at New York, NY890.
Mary Elizabeth MILLIKEN b. 1834 Jun334 at New York451. d. 1905 Dec 34059 at Manhattan, NY4059. bd. Woodlawn4059.

Married1332 1854 Sep 131332 at New York, NY1332.

Clarence was assumed to be the son of William W Van Zandt as a result of a legal notice2648 regarding a lawsuit brought by S Curtis Lewis against Clarence's widow. His widow, Mary E Van Zandt, was the executrix and trustee for both Clarence and William W Van Zandt. Defendants mentioned are mostly direct descendants of William W Van Zandt: Jessie and Fred (Clarence' children), Ruthven P, Franconia B, Ruthven P Junior, Sada B, Wiliiam M, Walter C, France B, Beatrice H, Clarence L, Wallace M, Hermione C (Van Zandt) Crandall, et al. Wililam died a very wealthy man and it is surmised from the legal notice that a suit was being brought against his heirs. Approximate birthdates and Clarence' widow being the trustee of William's estate lends credence to Clarence was a child of said William Van Zandt. As it turns out, in 1855, New York, NY, Clarence and wife Mary were living in the household of (Mary's brother?) W Milliken. Listed below Clarence and Mary is Sada W Van Zandt, "sister," born ~1843, Albany, NY. That record is considered confirmation that Clarence was William W Van Zandt. The 1880 census mortality schedule lists Clarence L Van Zandt, age 47, died of chronic Brights, res 62 E126.

The death index4059 for Mary Elizabeth Van Zandt provides Mary's middle name, and her parents' name, including her mother's maiden name. Further, Mary E Van Zandt is also mentioned as a niece in the 1883 will4282 of William T Barkley.

In 1900, Mary resided with her daughter Jessie Trotter and Jessie's husband, William.

Children of Clarence L VAN ZANDT and Mary Elizabeth MILLIKEN:

1. Jessie Merrill VAN ZANDT451 b. 1861 Apr334 at New York451. d. 1932 Nov 54059 at Manhattan, NY4059.
md. William Emery TROTTER
2. Frederick C VAN ZANDT451 b. 1863 Jun 192522 at Manhattan, NY2522.
3. Nelly G VAN ZANDT451 b. 1865~451 at New York451.

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