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Family of Henry Oliver BARKLEY and Melissa J COLLAR

Henry Oliver BARKLEY b. 1849 Sep 252188 at Southfield, Oakland Co., MI1523. d. 1909 Feb 122188 at 743 Berton Ave, Grand Rapids, MI2579. bd. Freeport, MI2579.
Melissa J COLLAR b. 1850 Jul 51660 at Springwater, NY1523. d. 1876 Sep 31660. bd. Findlay Cem., Ada Twp., Kent Co., MI1660.

Married1523 1873 Apr 251523 at Ada, Kent Co., MI1523.

Henry and Melissa were married by Edwin Booth, minister. Witnesses: S W Collar and A Judson Collar, both of Ada, Mich. It is assumed from the following information that Henry Oliver Barkley listed for this marriage is the son of Wellington Barkley: "Minnie" Barkley's birth record lists her birthdate as Apr 1875 and her parents as Henry Barkley and Melissa Collar; the 1900 census lists Winnie Barkley's birthdate as Apr 1875; the marriage record for Winnie Barkley to Grover Myers lists her parents as Henry Barkley and Melissa Collar; Winnie Myers' death certificate lists her parents as Henry Barkley and Melissa Collar; Winnie's son Maurice/Morris Myers is, in various records, listed as the grandson of Jacob and Addie Myers (Grover's parents) and the nephew of Louis Barkley, Winnie's brother. It should be noted, however, the John Barkley of Michigan, a descendant of Henry Oliver Barkley, has that the Henry Barkley that married Melissa Collar was NOT the son of Wellington Barkley.

His death certificate2579 lists his birth date as Sep 5, 1849.

Henry's middle initial is listed in the marriage record1523 for his marriage to Nettie Wright.. At the time of that marriage, he was resident in Cedar Springs, MI. His full name is listed in the birth record1455 for his daughter Florence Maude Barkley. Henry's death certificate2579 lists his parents' names, including his mother's maiden name. He died of cancer of the prostate and bladder. The informant was Florence Barkley. Henry was a farmer by trade.

Melissa's birthdate is calculated1660 from her age at death: 26y 1m 29d. That record lists her as the daughter of S W and M A Collar. She was buried in the "Collar" plot.

Children of Henry Oliver BARKLEY and Melissa J COLLAR:

1. Winnie BARKLEY1523 b. 1875 Apr2661 at Michigan2660. d. 1915 Mar 132188 at Munro Twp, MI2188. bd. Munro Cem., Munro, MI2188.
md. Grover Cleveland MYERS

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