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Family of Elijah Jr VEAZIE and Mary Elizabeth DICKMAN

Elijah Jr VEAZIE b. 1811 Aug 72786 at Boston, MA2735. d. 1886 Jan 122625 at New Orleans, LA2625.
Mary Elizabeth DICKMAN b. 1815 Dec 182815 at Massachusetts2734. d. 1867 Oct 222738 at New Orleans, LA2738.

Married2712 1837 Sep 82712 at Cambridge, MA2712.

The marriage date listed is for the intention of marriage.

At present, there appears to be no record or document that establishes Elijah Veazie as the son of Elijah and Susanna (Cheney) Veazie. However, the circumstantial evidence is convincing. In particular, Annie Veazie Bowers (AVB is used for this reference2786), the daughter of Samuel Cheney Veazie, provides a personal account2786 of this branch of the Veazie tree, with details regarding her "uncle" Elijah Veazie, Jr. AVB also mentions cousin "Dr Henry Veazie" of Louisiana, this Elijah Veazie's son. Other information indicates this Elijah as "Jr.," his birth in Boston in a year that fills a "gap" in the established birth years of the children of Elijah and Susanna Veazie, and his marriage to Mary Dickman in Boston.

AVB2786 provides Elijah's birthdate. Anne Veazie Bowers provides information such as:

A. A genealogy of Elijah Veazie and Susannah Cheney prefaced with "Now I will tell you what I know about the children of Elijah Veazie and Susannah Cheney, father's aunts and uncles."

B. An obituary of which AVB states: "[Ella B Veazie] sent father [Annie's father Samuel Cheney Veazie] this clipping, dated Aug. 14, 1921, taken from a Kansas City newspaper, telling of Dr. [Henry Augustus] Veazie's death." AVB provides a quotation of that obituary which states in part that Dr Veazie had died in New Orleans,"according to word received by his cousin, Miss E. B. Veazie.."

Note that Ella B Veazie lived for many years in that city. Further note that the death of Dr Henry Veazie was of importance as he was relatively well known thoughout the country due to his extensive work treating victims of, and investigating the cause of, yellow fever. An epidemic of same swept the lower Mississippi Valley in the late 1800s and newspapers across the country ran articles mentioning Dr H A Veazie of New Orleans. In any case, Henry Augustus Veazie is otherwise established as the son of Elijah and Mary Elizabeth (Dickman) Veazie, making Elijah Ella B Veazie's uncle and, therefore, likely the son of Elijah and Susanna as mentioned above.

Elijah's marriage record2712 to Mary Dickman lists his name as "Elijah Veazie jr." They married in 1837. Sometime before the birth of son John K Veazie in 1846, Elijah and Mary moved to the Deep South. In 1865, Elijah formed a partnership2737 in New Orleans, LA, with Artemon Hill, to be known as Hill & Veazie, No. 6 Chartres, near Canal, in the business of coal oil and lamps. That partnership was dissolved2739 in August, 1872, when David Hill (son of brother of Artemon?) announced his retirement. Elijah was to continue the business in his own name, liquidating the affairs of the old firm. Elijah Veazie, of "Mass.," was among those listed in a newspaper article (Time-Picayune (New Orleans, LA), 15 Mar 1868) that begins "Major Gen. Winfield Scott.. General: We, the undersigned, being Northern and Western men by birth, now residing and doing business in New Orleans…" The article continues with approval of his [post-war] actions and wishes for his further success.

Elijah died2625 in New Orleans in 1886.

Mary's middle and maiden names are listed in son Henry's birth record2713 index. Mary died at the age of 51 years and 10 months. The funeral2738 took place at 202 Annunciation street on Oct 23. Her obituary adds invitations to friends of the family, and those of the firm of Hill & Veazie, the business Elijah had formed in partnership with Artemon Hill.

Child 1. John

John died2736 at the age of 21 years and 5 months. His funeral was held at his parents' residence, 202 Annunciation street, between Race and Robin streets.

Children of Elijah Jr VEAZIE and Mary Elizabeth DICKMAN:

1. John K VEAZIE2734 b. 1846 Apr~2736 at Alabama2734. d. 1867 Sep 202736 at New Orleans, LA2736.
2. Susan E VEAZIE2734 b. 1848 Sep3050 at Alabama2734. d. 19192261. bd. Stamford, CT2261.
md. Henry G GOULD
3. Henry Augustus VEAZIE2713 b. 1855 Jun 22713 at New Orleans, LA2713. d. 1921 Aug 112757 at New Orleans, LA2757.

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