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Family of James H VEAZIE and Mary Jane SMITH

James H VEAZIE b. 1814 Sep 163040 at North Adams, MA3031. d. 1881 Jan 83076 at at his home in Natchez, Mississippi3076.
Mary Jane SMITH b. 1813 Sep 213040 at Mississippi3032. d. 1880 Nov 213090 at Natchez, MS3090.

Married3033 1843 Apr 123033 at Adams Co., MS3033.

An 1864 affidavit4582 by James' mother Mindwell Veazie, mentions Mindwell's son "James H Veazie of New Orlean La."

A family history3031 (Rochester Daily Union & Advertiser, Feb 24, 1882) published in celebration of her 97th birthday, is related in an interview of Mindwell (Brown) Veazie. That article mentions the seven children of John and Mindwell Veazie. Among them: James H, born in 1814, died 1881. Further from that article: "The last named breathed his last in Natchez, Mississippi, where he had obtained considerable distinction and had been given the office of Judge at the hands of the people." That information coincides with information appearing in his obituary3076.

When and where James obtained his law degree hasn't, at this time, been determined, but, in 1850, he is listed in the census for Adams Co., Miss., as a lawyer.

The Mississippi Free Trader (Natchez, MS), Sep 20, 1844, reported that James H Veazie was appointed secretary, and appointed to a Central Executive Committe for the Democratic Association in the Parish of Concordia. The Daily Picayune (New Orleans, LA), Jan 11, 1853, reported the appointment by the President [Millard Fillmore] of James H Veazie as Collector of the Customs at Natchez, Miss., to replace Charles R Railey (or Bailey) who had resigned. The same newspaper, Mar 12, 1859, reported that the death of Sheriff Vernon, as a result of an explosion aboard the steamship Natchez, who had been sheriff of Concordia parish [across the Mississippi from Natchez, MS], caused two pro tem appointments, one of which was Judge J H Veazie to be Clerk of the Court.

An article, Dec 3, 1867, in the Times-Picayune (New Orleans, LA), mentions James H Veazie, Esq., as the Assessor of Internal Revenue for the Second District of "this state," regarding the inforcement of a tax on cotton, cotton seed and ginned cotton, without consideration of the reduced weight of the cotton when ginned.

In 1880, Mary J Veazie, age 60, resided3034 with daughter Mary J, age 29.

Mary Jane (Smith) Veazie died3090 Nov 21, 1880, in Natchez, MS, of pneumonia.

Child 4. Maria

Maria Veazie is mentioned3040 among the children of James H Veazie and Mary Jane Smith. Though unusual that they named a daughter Mary and another Maria, a headstone3093 is found in the Veazie family cemetery in Natchez, MS.

Child 6. Jacob

"The Percy Family" mentions3040 John Jacob Veazie, a twin of Elijah Smith Veazie, as a son of James H and Mary (Smith) Veazie. Cemetery information3093 mentions a John Jacob Veazie, a twin of Elijah Smith Veazie, b Jan 11, 1857, d Jan 28, 1857. However, that same information also lists John James Veazie, b Jan 14, 1857, d May 20, 1907. Sexton records3092 for Adams Co., MS, reports "Veazie, Jacob B, May 27, 1907 (W) Privite(sic) Cemetery Interment Only (body brought to Natchez for burial from(: Elkton, Virginia." In addition, the wedding announcement3083 for Mary Jane Veazie mentioned "her brother, Mr. Jacob Brown Veazie.." The 1870 census3036 lists "John B Veazie," age 13, in the household of Mary J Veazie, age 51, along with Mary J Veazie, age 23. The 1880 census3034 for Natchez, MS, lists Jacob B Veazie, son of Jas. H. Veazie, age 23.

From that information is nearly certain that this child's name was Jacob Brown Veazie and not John Jacob Veazie. Jacob's birthdate may then be either Jan 11 or Jan 14.

Child 7. Harriet

Harriet Veazie, age 3, is listed3035 in the household of James H and M J Veazie, in Natchez, MS. It's not evident that she is, in fact, their daughter.

Child 8. Josephine

A date and place for the baptism of Josephine Veazie (May 15, 1859, Trinity Church, Natchez, MS) were provided in an email from David Dean, Jr (a descendant of James H Veazie), dated Apr 5, 2013. From the context of that email, it appears that is information provided by Tommy Fehn, a genealogist in Mississippi, recevied by Tommy from "Ms Ann" (clerk at Trinity?). Josephine is identified as a child of James H and Mary Jane (Smith) Veazie. Josephine's baptism was sponsored by E. Smith and Josephine Marshall. Josephine's headstone3093 indicates she was born Apr 4, 1859 and died young Nov 23, 1863.

Children of James H VEAZIE and Mary Jane SMITH:

1. Harry Percy VEAZIE3032 b. 1844 Feb 223093 at Windsor, Natchez, MS. d. 1910 Jan 282625 at New Orleans, LA2625. bd. Veazie Family Cem., Natchez, MS3093.
md. Margaret Lea MCLEAN
2. Mary Jane VEAZIE2795 b. 1848 Jul 302795 at (christening) Trinity Ch, Natchez, MS2795. d. 1932 Jul3114. bd. Elk Run Cem., Elkton, VA840.
md. Charles E PATRIC
3. John James VEAZIE3032 b. 1848 Oct 224269 at Natchez, MS3082. d. 1922 Feb 114269 at Elkton, VA4269. bd. Elk Run Cem., Elkton, VA4269.
md. 1) Elizabeth (Bettie) BAYNE
md. 2) Cora Virginia COFFMAN
4. Maria VEAZIE3040 b. 1852 Jan 23093 at porb Natchez, MS3093. d. 1854 Dec 23093 at prob Natchez, MS3093. bd. Veazie Family Cem., Natchez, MS3093.
5. Elijah Smith VEAZIE3040 b. 1857 Jan 113093 at prob Natchez, MS3093. d. 1857 Jan 283093 at prob Natchez, MS3093. bd. Veazie Family Cem., Natchez, MS3093.
6. Jacob Brown VEAZIE3040 b. 1857 Jan 143093 at prob Natchez, MS3093. d. 1907 May 203093 at Elkton, VA3092. bd. Veazie Family Cem., Natchez, MS3093.
7. Harriet VEAZIE3035 b. 1857~3035 at Mississippi3035.
8. Josephine VEAZIE3040 b. 1859 Apr 43093 at (bapt) Trinity Church, Natchez, MS. d. 1863 Nov 233093 at prob Natchez, MS3093. bd. Veazie Family Cem., Natchez, MS3093.

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