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Family of James BRACKETT and Abigail BELCHER

Married841 1733 Aug 1841 at Boston, MA841.

Brackett991 has death date 1781.

Sprague has Abigail died (apparently) before husband James' second marriage to Mary (Glidden) (Burt) Brackett.

Child 4. Samuel

Sprague: Samuel died young.

Child 9. Ebenezer

Ebenezer was a Revolutionary War soldier and died single.

Children of James BRACKETT and Abigail BELCHER:

1. Abigail BRACKETT841 b. 1734 Mar 27841 at Braintree, MA841.
2. Rebecca BRACKETT841 b. 1734 Nov 4 (bapt)841 at Braintree, MA841. d. bef Nov 1765841.
3. James BRACKETT841 b. 1736 Jan 25841 at Braintree, MA841.
4. Samuel BRACKETT841 b. 1737/8 Jan 15 (bapt)841 at Braintree, MA841.
5. Abigail BRACKETT841 b. 1740 Apr 13 (bapt)841. d. 1815 Oct 15841.
md. Benjamin VESEY
6. Samuel BRACKETT841 b. 1742 Nov 7 (bapt)841 at Braintree, MA841.
7. Elizabeth BRACKETT841 b. 1744 Oct 14 (bapt)841 at Braintree, MA841. d. 1821 Sep 9841.
8. William BRACKETT841 b. 1747/8 Feb 7 (bapt)841 at Braintree, MA841.
9. Ebenezer BRACKETT841 b. 1750 Oct 28 (bapt)841 at Braintree, MA841. d. 1794841. bd. Hancock Cem., Quincy, MA841.

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