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Family of Horace Eugene WHITESIDE and Esther Margaret VESEY

Horace Eugene WHITESIDE b. 1891 Jun 53163 at farm near the village of Bell Buckle, Bedford Co., TN3169. d. 1956 Jun 9840 at (Tompkins Mem. Hospital) Ithaca, NY3164. bd. Arlington National Cem., Arlington, VA840.
Esther Margaret VESEY b. 1890 May867 at Indiana867. d. 19503169. bd. Hazel Cem., Bell Buckle, Bedford Co., TN840.

Married2120 1913 Mar 312120 at 6228 Wabash Ave, the home of Esther's parents, Chicago, IL3168.

The wedding announcement3168 for Horace and Esther mentions that they had met at the Univeristy of Chicago where both had been students. Following the wedding, Horace returned to Waterloo, IA, where he was East High School coach and resumed his duties (Apr 6). Mrs Whiteside would join her new husband when he had found a suitable place for their future home.

Horace' middle name is given on his birth certificate. His biography3169 mentions that he was a direct descendant of John Morton, signer of the Declaration of Independence. He graduated3169 from the University of Chicago, 1912. The Waterloo (IA) Evening Courier, Jan 13, 1913 (, reported that Horace Whiteside, a graduate of Chicago University had been hired as instructor of physics and physical training at East High. He taught and coached there3169 for two years,

The marriage3168 of popular East High (Waterloo, IA) athletic director Coach Whiteside was announced with some fanfare. Later, an unusual announcement3167 of the marriage of Coach Horace Whiteside relates that he had tried out in 1909 for the University of Chicago football team under Coach Stagg [now known to be one of the greatest innovators in the history of college football]. Stagg took Horace on as left guard. In that first year, news was received of the marriage of the previous left guard. Soon thereafter, Horace became acquainted with another UC student, Esther Vesey, and a romance began. Horace graduated ~1912 and, as mentioned above, became a coach at East High School in Waterloo. News was then received that the left guard who had succeeded him on the UC football team had married. Recognizing fate, Horace returned to Chicago and married Esther.

He then became3169 athletic director and instructor of Greek at Earlham College. In 1916, Horace is listed1735 as director physical training at Earlham College in Richmond, IN. During WWI, he served as Captain in the 67th Artillery, Coast Artillery Corps overseas, eventually attaining the rank of Major. He then entered Cornell University Law School, graduating with a perfect A average, to this day unequaled. In 1920, Horace is listed as an instructor at Cornell. In 1925, Horace was an assistant professor of law. In the academic year 1926-1927, he was3169 the Ezra Ripley Thayer Teaching Fellow at Harvard and received the degree of Doctor of Juridical Science. In 1930 and 1940 he is listed as teacher/professor at a university.

Horace' obituary3164, dateline Ithaca, Jun 11, states he died "yesterday" (Jun 10 vs Jun 9) at the age of 65. His deathplace is from another obituary in the (Troy, NY) Times Record, Jun 11, 1956. The Kingston obit article mentions that he was a professor of the Cornell University Law School; he graduated from that school in 1922 with a straight "A" average that has never been equaled. Whiteside had been associated since 1939 with the Wall Street firm of Whitman, Ransome, Coulson and Goetz, was a consultant to the New York State Law Revision Commission until 1955. Horace graduated from the University of Chicago in 1912 and served in France in World War I as an army captain. He was survived by his widow and a daughter from a previous marriage.

Horace was apparently an inveterate golfer as many articles in New York newspapers list him in the reports of golf tournaments, winning and placing in many of them.

Following wife Esther's death in 1950, he married in 1951 Ruth Kinyon, who survived him. Ruth Kinyon Whiteside Fisher was a member of a gastronomic society, Chaine des Rotisseurs, Bailliage de Naples. She apparently remarried following Horace' death.

Esther's middle name is given in the Annual Register ( for the University of Chicago, 1912, listed as a graduate of Englewood High School. She married3168 at the home of her parents, Mar 31, 1913, Horace Whiteside, then coach at East High School, Waterloo, IA. She and Horace had met while both were students at the University of Chicago. In 1925, Esther's mother Belle B Vezey (sic) resided with her and Horace in Ithaca, NY. She and Horace lived for many years in Cayuga Heights, NY, while Horace taught law at Cornell University. Esther V Whiteside is mentioned in several newspaper articles as a contributor to art exhibits in the Ithaca area. Horace's biography3169 mentions that she died in 1950.

Child 1. Anne

Anne W Wynd is mentioned as a surviving daughter in her father's obituary3164 (of Buffalo) and a surviving sister in her brother's obituary3170 of Newmore, NY.

Child 2. Horace (Jr)

Horace, Jr, died3170 at the age of 25 when his car crashed into a tree on Buckley Road, Ithaca, NY. He was survived by his father, and sister Anne W Wyne (or Wynd?) of Kenmore.

Children of Horace Eugene WHITESIDE and Esther Margaret VESEY:

1. Anne WHITESIDE3165 b. 1925 Jul 72159 at New York3165.
2. Horace (Jr) Eugene WHITESDIE3165 b. 1928 Nov~3165 at New York3165. d. 1954 Nov 63170 at Ithaca, NY3170.

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