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Family of George William VESEY and Edwina (wife of George W Sr) Ora VESEY

George William VESEY b. 1879 Jul 62072 at St Joseph Co., IN2072. d. 1951 Mar 23185 at Noel Hotel, Nashville, TN3186. bd. Mixhawaka City Cem., Mishawaka, IN840.
Edwina (wife of George W Sr) Ora VESEY

Married3186 1940 aft3184.

George's obituary mentions surviving widow Edwina. Court Notes3187 for his estate mention widow Ora Vesey. Their marriage apparently took place between 1940 and 1951, as George is listed as widowed in the 1940 census for Logansport.

George's middle name is given on his WWII draft registration170 card. The 1880 census (enumerated June) for Penn Twp, IN, lists George's age as 11/12, and indicates his birth month as July. The 1900 census, in which he was living with his mother, lists his birthdate as Jul 1880. George was a salesman and secretary for a lumber company. In 1942, he resided170 with Mrs Edwina Vesey, 1306 E Broadway, Logansport, IN. He worked for John I Shafer Hardwood Co., in Logansport.

George William Veazie died3186 suddenly in Nashville, TN. The cause of his death is listed3185 on his death certificate as unknown, but his obituary3186 says heart attack. He was D.O.A. at St Thomas Hospital in Nashville. The informant for his death certificate was Geo. William Vesey Jr. His death certicate lists him as married. George and wife Edwina had left from Logansport, IN, on Thursday (Mar 1 1951) for St Petersburg, FL, to spend a month there. They had gone as far as Nashville, stopped for the night in the Noel Hotel and were going to visit friends. At 9:15 PM at the hotel he apparently died of a heart attack. George had been associated with the John I Shafer Hardwood company since 1918 and had been secretary-treasurer since its incorporation in 1920. He moved to Logansport in 1939, apparently following the death of his second wife. Survivors were: his widow Edwina; George W Vesey, Jr., South Bend; Mrs Thomas Hutchinson, Butler, PA; four grand-children and two step-daughters. He had been a member of the Tipton Masonic lodge, the Mizpah Shrine Temple in Fort Wayne, the local country club, the Chamber of Commerce, the Elks lodge, and the Market Street Methodist church.

The obituary3186 for George Vesey mentions his widow Edwina. The Court Notes3187 regarding George's estate, who was worth about $27,000 in personal and real estate, mentions widow "Ora" Vesey. She apparenlty had married before, as both references mention surviving step-daughters; no names mentioned.

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