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Family of Samuel Rev. VEAZIE and Deborah SAMPSON

Married2899 1742 Aug 62899 at Kingston, MA2899.

The intention2898 for the marriage of Samuel and Deborah was filed Feb 6, 1741/2.

Samuel Veazie graduated561 from Harvard College with an A. B. degree in 1736. On Aug 7, 1738, the town of Duxbury, MA, voted4100 to invite Rev Veazie to become their paster. After some lengthy negotiations, he was ordained there over a year later on Oct 31, 1739.

An intention of marriage2898 between Rev Samuel Veazie of "Duxborough," and Mrs Deborah Samson of Kingston was filed Feb 6, 1741/2. On Aug 6, 1742, the couple was married2899 at Kingston, MA.

Starting in 1743, difficulties began arising between the congregation at Duxbury and Rev Veazie., primarily to do with the intensity of the Reverand's convictions. Veazie, during the early part of his ministry, had been a moderate Calvinist. But during this period, an evangelistic movement known as the Great Awakening or Great Revival, pushed through the colonies. In particular, George Whitfield (or Whitefield) converted Mr Veazie into a complete firebrand. According to the notes3400 of Rev Benjamin Kent, librarian of the Roxbury Athenaeum, Rev Veazie became morose and dogmatic, even whipping his own children with severity for the least freedom on the Sabbath, strictly observed from sunrise to midnight. Most of the influential men of Duxbury maintained the old doctrines, and refused to embrace their pastor's new dogmatisms. At one point Veazie, proclaiming that Man was in a state of nature and not with God, was asked by the wife of a prominent citizen what had become of their fathers (their ancestors). Veazie said they are gone to Hell! It should be noted that, in those days, a minister was appointed and could not be fired by the congregation. However, the congregation determined his salary. The controversies continued until, in the summer of 1746, Veazie addressed an ecclesiastical council, stating that he was not able in any good measure to discharge his ministry, and his salary since 1743 had been about 91 pounds. He asked for a dismissal from the church at Duxbury.

Veazie informed the town, Nov 11, 1746, that as a condition for his leaving them, his salary of 170 pounds per annum be brought up to date, or the case should be referred to a committee of five men for settlement. Disputes continued and Rev Veazie even brought a lawsuit for the recovery of his salary, though indications are that nothing resulted from that effort other than repeated votes to pay him "were passed in the negative." Eventually letters of recommendation were presented to the church of Hull, MA, and Veazie was settled there in Apr of 1753.

Winsor3400 states Rev Samuel Veazie died in Hull in 1797, at the age of 86. The death year is correct. However, The History of Brunswick (Maine)179 has Veazie emigrating to Harpswell from Nantasket (a community on the Cape across from the island of Hull) in 1767. Historic Harpswell3399 states the same. Hillman800 found several records indicating Rev Veazie was town clerk in Harpswell and bought and sold land there as late as 1788.

Hillman also found an obituary for Rev Veazie in the Portland (ME) Oriental Trumpet, published Jan 4, 1798, stating that he died in Brunswick on Dec 2. Bangor Hist. Mag.388 has "died Jan. ---, 1798, aged 88."

A complete genealogy of Deborah Sampson's ancestors can be found elsewhere, notably647 Genealogical Memoirs of the Sampson Family (Vinton) and, of course, Mayflower Families, Gen'l Society of Mayflower Descendants (Henry Samson). Though the name of her headstone is illegible, church records691 provide her death date.

Children of Samuel Rev. VEAZIE and Deborah SAMPSON:

1. John VEAZIE388 b. 1745 Jul388 at Duxbury, MA388. d. 1745 Aug388 at Duxbury, MA388.
2. John VEAZIE388 b. 1746 Aug 7388 at prob Hull, MA388. d. 1806 Aug 6394 at Falmouth (Portland), ME394.
md. Rachel JONES
3. Samuel Jr VEAZIE388 b. 1750?388 at prob Hull, MA388. d. 1828388 at Islesboro, ME388.
md. Lucy Phebe HOLBROOK
4. Deborah VEAZIE388 b. 1753388 at Hull, MA388.
md. Robert JORDAN
5. Rebecca VEAZIE388 b. 1755 Aug 24549 at bapt Hull, MA691.
md. Jonathan HOLBROOK

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