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Family of Samuel Jr VEAZIE and Lucy Phebe HOLBROOK

Samuel Jr VEAZIE b. 1750?544 at prob Hull, MA544. d. 1828544 at Islesboro, ME544.
Lucy Phebe HOLBROOK b. 1750 Dec 4549 at Wellfleet, MA549. d. 1832388 at Islesboro, ME549.

Married388 1773~. Bangor Hist. Mag.388 has Samuel Veazie and "Phebe" Holbrook married about 1775. Estimated from an estimate of the birth year for daughter Martha, perhaps 1773 is more likely.

Information for Samuel Veazie comes from a variety of references. Hillman800 cites several records indicating Rev Samuel Veazie had a son Samuel. E.g., Rebecca Samson, Rev Samuel's mother-in-law, bequeathed money to her grandsons, John and Samuel Veazie. Further, Rev Samuel Veazie sold the north portion of a lot in Harpswell, ME, in 1785, described as bounded on the southern side by that of Samuel Veazie, Jr.

The Samuel Veazie of this profile is identified as the son of Rev Samuel Veazie and Deborah Sampson, and a resident of Islesbro, Maine, in The Bangor Hist. Mag.388, p 70; and Farrow's History544 of Islesboro, Maine, p 290.

Samuel's birthplace is uncertain. His father was minister in Duxbury, MA, in 1742; may have been preaching in Hull between 1750 and 1753, and was in Hull, MA, in 1753. Both Bangor Hist. Mag. and Farrow have him born Hull.

Samuel likely emigrated with his father to Harpswell, ME, ~1767. Some time before 1800, Samuel moved to Islesboro, as the column in the 1800 census317 for Islesboro, ME, "From where emigrated," lists "Harpswell" for Samuel Veazey. Farrow544 has Samuel emigrated to Iselsboro about 1785, and settled on the north-east side of the island.

The town of "Islesborough," Maine, was incorporated5443 Jan 28, 1789, bearing that name rather then "Winchester," as appeared on the original petition. Islesboro was under the jurisdiction of Hancock County from 1789 until the incorporation of Waldo County in 1827. Hillman800, in a particularly well-sourced description, and Groves5443, provide a more detailed history of the island, town and Samuel Veazie's appearances there.

Farrow544, p 290, says that Samuel Veazie, Jr, arrived in Islesboro about 1785. A map of Islesborough, facing p 93, with the legend "As Originaly Surveyed by Warren," and a list of "First Settlers" of the island, puts Samuel Veazie in lot 35, along with 7 others. The lot is on the north-east side of the island, across a finger of the Penobscot Bay from a neck of land south of Castine. Hillman800 provides a plot map (facing p 167) ~1800, from the Waldo County Register of Deeds, which locates Samuel Veazie at the northernmost end of that lot. Samuel is mentioned800 in a 1797 Patent claim, in which he claimed 100 acres on which he was settled.

Bangor Hist. Mag. Lists Lucy as "Phebe." Lucy is chosen to lessen confusion with other "Phebes." In addition, Samuel and Lucy had a daughter Lucy, supporting the choice of the name. See The Treat Family reference for a more complete story of Lucy's ancestors.

Children of Samuel Jr VEAZIE and Lucy Phebe HOLBROOK:

1. Martha VEAZIE388 b. 1773?546 at prob Harpswell, ME. d. bef 1840?.
md. Fields Sr COOMBS
2. Rachel VEAZIE388 b. 1775~550 at Islesboro, ME802. d. 1856 Apr 17550.
3. Stephen VEAZIE388 b. 1778 Nov201 at prob Harpswell, Maine57. d. 1855 Dec 13201 at Caton, NY201. bd. Elmwood Cemetery, Caton, NY201.
md. Martha (Patty) HARDING
4. Samuel VEAZIE388 b. 1779~395. d. 1841 Dec 2395 at Islesboro, ME395. bd. (Bay View) cem. east side, upper end, Islesboro, ME395.
md. Bridget COOMBS
5. Lucy VEAZIE388 b. 1781800 at Islesboro, ME800.
md. Timothy HARDEN
6. John VEAZIE388 b. 1786 Aug~395 at Islesboro, ME1774. d. 1841 Sep 15395. bd. cem. east side, upper end, Islesboro, ME395.
md. Naomi COOMBS
7. Abiezer (Capt) VEAZIE388 b. 1787 Jun 18840 at Islesboro, ME802. d. 1839 Mar 11840 at Camden, ME405. bd. Mt. View Cem., Camden, ME840.
md. Grace AMES

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