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Family of John VEAZIE and Rachel JONES

John VEAZIE b. 1746 Aug 74984 at Duxbury, MA4984. d. 1806 Aug 6840 at Falmouth (Portland), ME394. bd. Eastern Cem., Portland, ME840.
Rachel JONES b. 1747 Nov 2854 at Boston, MA854. d. 1797 Nov 102489 at Portland, ME2489. bd. Eastern Cem., Portland, ME800.

Married1782 1767 Sep 31782 at Boston, MA1782. John Veasy of Boston and Rachel Jones of Hull were married1782 (by Hearey? Hearsy?) Sep 3, 1767.

Bangor Hist Mag388 has their marriage Oct 16, 1768, without reference. Hillman800 has Oct 16, 1768, referencing Maine Historical Magazine (the same?)

Hillman800, regarding the articles in Bangor Historical Magazine for the family of John Veazie, notes the unusually specific details of dates, locations, etc., and surmises that, perhaps, the author had access to a family bible (1887).

John Veazie was a hatter by trade. He died840 Aug 6, 1806, in5501 Portland, Maine. His death was reported in the Columbian Centinel (Boston, MA), Apr 13, 1906: "In Portland Mr. John Veazie, Aet. 61 ," and the (Portland, ME) Gazette (, Aug 11, 1806, as "In this town Mr John Veazie, aged 60." A legal notice in the (Portland, ME) Gazette (, Mon, Sep 15, 1806, regarding debtors to the estate of "John Veazie, late of Portland," indicates that Stephen Veazie and J Quincy were the administrators.

Hillman800 provides many documented details for the life and death of John Veazie. For those interested in the history of Falmouth (Portland) during that era, Hillman is well worth the read.

Bangor Hist Mag388 and Hillman800, referencing same, have Rachel's birthdate as Nov 5, 1747, born "probably" Hull, MA. If that is, instead, the date and place of her baptism, she is, perhaps, the Rachel Jones born854 Boston, Nov 2, 1747, to Isaac and Rachel Jones. Her parents may be the "Rachel [Jouns] and Iseec Jounes" who were married in Hull, Feb 5, 1746/47. Hillman makes a similar comment. Circumstantially, the full name of the youngest son of John and Rachel is Isaac Jones Veazie.

Hillman800 also provides Rachel's death date and place, referencing "Vital Records from Maine Newspapers, 1785-1820," David C Young and Elizabeth Keene Young; Heritage Books, 1993.)

Child 8. Samuel

Hillman800, referencing Falmouth First Church records for baptismal dates, notes that Samuel's birthdate given in Bangor Hist Mag388, Mar 28, 1782, is inconsistent with his baptismal date.

Child 11. Isaac

Maine State Archives has death date Jan 16, 1809. Isaac is likely named for his paternal grandfather.

Children of John VEAZIE and Rachel JONES:

1. Stephen VEAZIE388 b. 1769 Nov 12388 at Portland, ME388. d. 1772 Nov 62489 at Portland, ME2489. bd. Eastern Cem., Portland, ME2489.
2. Rachel VEAZIE388 b. 1771 Apr 1388 at Portland, ME388. d. 1849 Oct 172204 at Portland, ME2204. bd. Eastern Cemetery, Portland, ME840.
md. 1) Thomas HILTON
md. 2) Samuel SHAW
3. Sarah VEAZIE388 b. 1773 Feb 6388 at Portland, ME388. d. 1867 Aug 11840 at Portland, ME388. bd. Eastern Cem., Portland, ME840.
md. John WARD
4. (twin 2) VEAZIE388 b. 1775 Jul 25388. d. 1775 Jul 27388.
5. (twin 1) VEAZIE388 b. 1775 Jul 25388. d. 1775 Jul 27388.
6. John VEAZIE388 b. 1777 Apr 25388 at Portland, ME388. d. 1800 Sep 28388 at Demerara388.
7. Stephen VEAZIE388 b. 1779 Nov 6388 at Portland, ME388. d. 1812 Sep388 at at sea on the Dart Princeton, Privateer388.
md. Sarah (Sally) BEEMAN
8. Samuel VEAZIE388 b. 1782 Mar 24800 at (bapt) Falmouth, ME800. d. 1783 Mar 27388.
9. Polly VEAZIE388 b. 1785 Apr 14388 at Portland, ME388. d. 1786 Oct 11388.
10. Samuel (Gen.) VEAZIE388 b. 1787 Apr 222988 at Portland, ME388. d. 1868 Mar 122988. bd. Mt Hope Cem., Bangor, ME2988.
md. 1) Susannah Lydia? WALKER
md. 2) Mary CLEWLY / CLEWLEY
11. Isaac Jones VEAZIE388 b. 1789 Mar 15388 at Portland, ME388. d. 1809 Jan 62489 at South Bartholomew388. bd. Eastern Cem., Portland, ME2489.

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