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Family of Sampson COOMBS and Experience S WHITMORE

Sampson COOMBS b. 1806 Sep 275443 at Islesboro, ME5443. d. 1851 Jan 105443 at Islesboro, ME5443.
Experience S WHITMORE b. 1814~5423 at Verona, ME2489. d. 1875 Nov 16840. bd. Whitmore Cem., Verona, ME840.

Married5443 1832 May 165443 at Islesboro, ME5443. An Islesboro marriage record ( Groves5443, p 163 ), under Record of Marriages Solemnized by Josiah Fa[rrow], reads: "May 16d 1832 Mr Lampson Coombs of Islesboro with Miss Experience Whitmore of Isls[boro]." N.B., "L" is often mistranscribed from the script "S."

The death of Sampson Coombs ( Groves5443 is listed under the birth information for his children. The death record2489 for son William lists his father's occupation as sea captain.

The 1840 census for Islesboro lists 2 females under the age of 5 years in the household of Sampson Coombs. That may indicate an unidentified daughter of Sampson, other than Julia.

Farrow3292 has Sampson's wife as Experience Whitman. The death record2489 for son William Coombs lists his parents as Sampson Coombs and Experience Whitmore. Experience' birth place is also taken from that record.

Hill has Experience Coombs, following Sampson Coombs' death, married William B Young. Hillman's information is corroborated by the 1860 and 1870 censuses, and by the headstone840 of Experience S Young, "Wife of William B Young," in the Whitmore Cem., Verona, ME.

In 1850, Experience Coombs appears5423 with 3 children (Franklin, Julia, and William) in the household of John and Mary Wetmore, likely her parents. In 1870, Experience Young appears as the wife of William B Young, with her son W W Coombs.

Child 1. Jairus

An Islesboro birth record ( Groves5443, p 52 ) for a child of Sampson Coombs reads:"James ['C' crossed out] F. Coombs Born July 8th AD 1833." Farrow544 has "Jairus" (same birth date) as Sampson's son. It may be that Farrow is in error, or that "James" in the birth record is a mistranscription of script "Jairus." As several other close relatives are named "Jairus," that name is given herein.

In 1850, "Franklin" Coombs, age 16, appears5423 with Experience (age 36) and Julia (age 8) Coombs in the household of John and Mary Wetmore (likely Experience's parents.) From the names and ages, it is assumed Franklin is the son of Experience, and Franklin is Jairus' middle name.

Farrow544, p 162, has a headstone transcription (Islesboro cemetery, east side, upper end) which reads: "Capt. J. B. Coombs, died in Havana, July 14, 1873, aged 40 years, 1 month, 14 days." As a birth date calculated from that information closely matches the birth date of Jarius (James?) F Coombs, and assuming the middle initial "B" is a mistranscription, it seems likely that these two persons are the same.

Child 2. Martha

A birth record ( Groves5443, p 52 ) for a child of Sampson Coombs reads: "Martha Jane Coombs Born May 6th AD 1835."

Child 3. Lydia

A birth record ( Groves5443, p 52 ) for a child of Sampson Coombs reads: "Lydia A Coombs born March 9th AD 1837."

In 1850, Lydia Coombs resided5423 in the household of Joseph W Wetmore ( Hillman800 has Joseph as Experience Whitmore's twin brother.) From Julia's age (13), her residence with a Wetmore, and the location (same as her mother) that year, it is assumed that is the daughter of Sampson and Experience Coombs.

Child 4. Julia

In 1850, Julia Coombs resided5423 with her mother in the household of John and Mary Wetmore.

Child 5. William

In 1850, William resided5423 with his mother in the household of John and Mary Wetmore. He was 8 months old in that record, enumerated in August. In 1860 and 1870, William resided5424 5425 with his step-father William B Young and mother Experience.

In 1922, William died2498 of shock, apparently as a result of an appendectomy. Though his death record lists his age at death as 74y 7m 10d, his age of 8 months in Aug, 1850, is considered more accurate. That is also more consistent with other records. At the time of his death, he was divorced, and a resident of Millinocket.

Children of Sampson COOMBS and Experience S WHITMORE:

1. Jairus Franklin COOMBS5443 b. 1833 Jul 33292. d. 1873 Jul 14?395 at Havana?395.
2. Martha Jane COOMBS5443 b. 1835 May 65443 at Islesboro, ME5443.
3. Lydia A COOMBS3292 b. 1837 Mar 95443 at Islesboro, ME5443.
4. Julia COOMBS5423 b. 1842~5423 at Maine5423.
5. William W COOMBS5423 b. 1849 Dec~5423 at Verona, ME2489. d. 1922 Apr 282489 at E. Me. Gen'l Hospital, Bangor, ME2489. bd. Millinocket, ME2489.

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