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Family of Francis (Frank) Austin VEAZIE and Catherine Ada BEATTY

Francis (Frank) Austin VEAZIE b. 1859 Mar 112005 at Quincy, MA2005. d. 1919 Jan 18527 at Almeda, CA527.
Catherine Ada BEATTY b. 1845~3320 at Peru, Indiana4287. d. 1925 Oct 23527 at Berkeley, CA4287.

Married745 1897~3200. Frank and "Mrs Kate A" Veazie are listed at the same address in the CA Voter Registrations. In 1900, Frank is listed as married 3 years.

Son George Warren's birth record lists the birthplace of each parent. In 1860, Frank is residiing in the household of Amos Churchill, stone-cutter, and (likely) Amos' wife, possibly because his mother died the previous year and his father, listed in the household of Samuel Stone, stone-cutter, was otherwise unable to care for him. However, in 1865, following his father's marriage to Harriet Blake, he and his sister Sarah were residing with their parents. Frank Austin Veazie appears2955 in an index of California voter registrations, Oct 14, 1890, 609 Bush, San Francisco, CA, age 31, b Massachusetts, which provides his mddle name. In 1900, Frank was a boarder at an hotel run by Margaret Lawler, on R. R. Avenue, Rocklin (Township No 9), California.

Born Mar 1859 in Massachusetts, he was a stationary engineer (as opposed to a locomotive engineer). That record isn't quite clear and he was either widowed or married for 3 years. The California Death Index527 has deathdate Jan 18, 1919, Almeda, CA. Sprague841 has Jan 17, 1919, Oakland, CA.

By 1900, Frank and Nellie had apparently divorced, though both appear in records of the period as "widowed."
In 1860, Catherina A Beatty was living with her parents in San Francisco. Her father is listed as born in Pennsylvania and her mother in New York. Also listed in the household was C T Bidwell [sic], a salesman born ~1838 in Prince Edward Island, Canada. By 1870, Ada had married Cyril T Pidwell, and the couple lived with her parents. In 1880, Cyril and Ada had 3 children - Viva, Edith and Willard. In 1910, Cyril T Pidwell was listed as divorced. In 1900, Frank A Veazie is listed as married for 3 years, but his wife is not found in records of that immediate period. However, Frank A Veazie and Mrs Kate Ada Veazie, both listed at 633 63rd st., Oakland, CA, are listed in the California Voter Registrations745 ~1914.

Following Frank's death in 1919, Kate A Veazie, age 74, born in Indiana, parents born in Penna and NY, appears in the 1920 census in the household of Genevieve Davidson and husband Frank P Davidson.

Mrs F A Veazie is mentioned5470 as the daughter of Julia Beatty, wife of Samuel G Beatty, in Julia's 1905 obituary.

Kate may have been cremated, as her obituary4287 mentions her funeral service to be held Oct 26, at the Oakland Crematory, Oakland. Kate's birthplace is assumed from information in that article that states she was a "native of Peru, Indiana." In addition, that article also mentions surviving children [by her first marriage] Mrs F P Davidson (daughter Genevieve), Mrs G R Weeks (daughter Edith) and Willard T Pidwell.

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