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Family of George WARREN and Sally VEAZIE

George WARREN b. 1812 Jan 12395 at Maine524. d. 1890 Dec 2395 at Islesboro, ME395. bd. cem. east side, upper end, Islesboro, ME395.
Sally VEAZIE b. 1817 May 35443 at Islesboro, ME5443. d. 1891 Sep 6395. bd. cem. east side, upper end, Islesboro, ME395.

Married398 1835 Dec 20398.

George Warren is listed as "Jr" in several records, likely to distinguish himself from his uncle. George was a mariner. He was a mariner.

In Warren family genealogy, Farrow2506 has Sally's birthyear (same month/day) as 1812. In the Veazie family genealogy, Farrow has 1817. From census records, 1817 appears more accurate. Hillman800 has a typographical error in the reference for Sally's birth information - reference "2251" should be 2250, which correctly references p 291 of Farrow. Daughter Ruth Wargent's marriage record to William Beckett lists Sally's birthplace.

Child 2. Geroge

As Hillman800 explains, this child is confused with George Alden Warren, born later.

Child 3. Caroline

Md2506 Philip O Coombs.

Child 4. Lydia

Md2506 Andrew W Spinney, who drowned Nov 19, 1875.

Children of George WARREN and Sally VEAZIE:

1. Sarah J WARREN2506 b. 1837 Sep 112489 at Islesboro, ME2489. d. 1922 Mar 162489 at Islesboro, ME2489. bd. Bay View cem., Islesboro, ME2489.
md. James RICHARDS
2. Geroge A WARREN800 b. 1840 Jan 27800. d. 1842 Nov800.
3. Caroline WARREN2506 b. 1841 Sep 152506.
4. Lydia Ellen WARREN2506 b. 1843 Oct 12.
5. George Alden WARREN524 b. 1844 Oct521 at Maine524.
md. Lucinda C PARKER
6. John S WARREN524 b. 1849~524 at Maine524.
md. Artha A PARKER
7. Annie Cora WARREN524 b. 1853 Jul521 at Islesboro, ME2204. d. 1907 Nov 172204 at Islesboro, ME2204. bd. Islesboro, ME2204.
md. Amariah TRIM
8. Ruth Edna WARREN524 b. 1856~397 at Maine524.
md. 1) James T WARGENT
md. 2) William Ira BECKETT
9. Addie E WARREN2506 b. 1859 Feb 142506. d. 1859 Mar 2800.

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