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Family of John NIGHTINGALE and Frances BRACKETT

John NIGHTINGALE b. 1757 Mar 13944 at (bapt) Quncy, MA944. d. 1804 Mar 23945 at Quincy, MA945. bd. Hancock Cem, (formerly Old Braintree) Quincy, MA880.
Frances BRACKETT b. 1766 Jul 13 (bapt)841 at Quincy, MA1774. d. 1845 Jul 31774 at Quincy, MA1774.

Married4224 1784 Jul 3 at (intention) Braintree, MA. John and Frances are listed as "both of this Town."

John's last name is listed variously in records as Nightingall, Nightgal and Nightingale. He is listed4224 as elected as constable, hogreave, field driver and surveyor in Braintree.

John married first945 (intention937 Aug 9, 1782) Dec 5, 1782, in Quincy, MA, Mary Brackett, daughter841 of Moses and Sarah (Jones) Brackett. Mary died841 soon after the marriage. Mary was the half-sister of John's second wife, Frances.

John died945 at the age of 47 years.

Francis(sic) Spear, widow, b Quincy, died in Quincy, MA, Jul 3, 1845 or 1846, age 80. Her parents are recorded 1774 as Moses and Mary Brackett.

Child 1. Josiah

Josiah was baptised944 Jun 22, 1788, in Quincy, MA.

Child 3. Abigail

Abigail was baptised944 1791 in Quincy, MA.

Child 4. Frances

Frances was baptised944 Jul 13, 1794, in Quincy, MA.

Child 5. Joanah

Joanna was baptised944 Jul 13, 1794, in Quincy, MA.

Children of John NIGHTINGALE and Frances BRACKETT:

1. Josiah NIGHTINGALE945 b. 1786 Apr 6945 at Quincy, MA945.
2. John NIGHTINGALE945 b. 1788 Jun 22 at (bapt) Quincy, MA.
3. Abigail NIGHTINGALE945 b. 1789 Jan 11945 at Qiuncy, MA945.
4. Frances NIGHTINGALE945 b. 1791 Jun 17945 at Quincy, MA945.
5. Joanah NIGHTINGALE945 b. 1793 Sep 10945 at Quincy, MA945.
6. James NIGHTINGALE945 b. 1795 Sep 26945 at Quincy, MA945.

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