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Family of John Walker VEAZIE and Ruth Maria BARTLETT

John Walker VEAZIE b. 1812 Oct 30388 at Topsham, ME4389. d. 1891 Apr 154389 at Bangor, ME.
Ruth Maria BARTLETT b. 1813 Aor 74593 at porb Bangor, ME4593. d. 1879 Feb 18388.

Married388 1834 Dec 13388.

In 1850, John, occupation "none," resides with his wife and children, with Anna Bartlett (Maria's sister?) in the household.

In 1860, John's vocation is "merchant," and in 1870, John W Veazie, is listed as a lumber dealer with real estate valued at $100,000 and personal estate of $100,000. He apparently inherited and carried on the successful business of his father.

John W Veazie died4389 of pneumonia a few days after returning from Yankton, (South) Dakota, where he had resided for the previous five years. His obituary mentions surviving son Alfred, daughter Mrs Annie Veazie Forsaith, and grandchildren. Neither of his wives, either deceased or surviving, are mentioned.

Articles in The Atlantic Reporter (Vol. 24, 1892, and Vol. 30, 1895, West Publishing Co., St Paul; Paine v Forsaith, et al), which reported various decisions of courts in New England, discuss the disposition of John W Veazie's estate. On 27 Feb 1879, "fully intending to retire," John legally assigned (for the sum of $1 each) to his son Alfred and daughter Annie all his estate, and, among other provisions providing for his widow, etc., that they pay to him $5000 a year. Indeed, in 1880, John W Veazie is listed as a farmer.

All would've been well (perhaps) but son Alfred (who had registered his will prior to being assigned his portion of John's estate along with several codecils) and daughter Anna Veazie Forsaith predeceased their father. Because of the various changes and provisions made to their wills by both John W Veazie and his son Alfred, their widows, children and grandchildren fought over the apparently considerable sums from 1892 to, at least, 1895. If the reader is interested in the subtleties of law, the Atlantic Reporter articles cited above may prove to be interesting reading.

Bangor Daily Whig & Courier, Fri, Feb 15, 1879; issue 39: "DIED. In this city, Feb 13th, of croupal diphtheria, Mrs. Marie Bartlett Veazie, wife of John W. Veazie, Esq., aged 66 years. The funeral will take place at the family residence on Broadway on Sunday at 2.30 o'clock P.M. Relatives and friends invited to attend." Bangor Hist. Mag.388 has death date Feb 18, 1879. Newspaper date is preferred as date on newspaper page verified.

Children of John Walker VEAZIE and Ruth Maria BARTLETT:

1. John Alfred (Alfred) VEAZIE388 b. 1837 Aug 234328. d. 1879 Jul 28561 at Bar Harbor, ME561. bd. family vault, Mount Hope Cem, Bangor, ME4328.
md. Henrietta (Etta) L HODSDON
2. Anna M VEAZIE470 b. 1845 Feb855 at Boston, MA671. d. 1889 Apr 15855 at 372 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA855.
md. William Josiah FORSAITH

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