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Family of Henry Augustus VEAZIE and Harriette C HARNED

Henry Augustus VEAZIE b. 1826 Mar 292522 at Albany, NY. d. 1857 Nov 214700.
Harriette C HARNED b. 1833~4700 at Montville, NJ4059. d. 1909 Nov 114059 at Manhattan, NY4059.

Married4511 1850 Dec 2800 at Lansingburgh, NY800. Henry's brother, Provost Veazie, mentions in an affidavit4511 that his brother married "Harriet Harnard." A marriage record1570 for Henry "Veasie" lists his parents as Henry "Veasie" and Harriet C "Harned." Hillman800 provides the date and place of their marriage, referencing a marriage notice in the Lansingburgh (NY) Democrat, Dec 5, 1850, p 2, col 6.

In 1850, Henry resided1856 in the household of his brother Provost, with his mother and brothers. In the 1864 affidavit4511 by Provost Veazie, he says of his brother Henry: "late of the City of Albany, deceased." Provost also mentioned that brother Henry married "Harriet Harnard" and they had a son "Henry." In the 1866 affidavit4700 of Henry's widow, Henriette C Keatings, she stated that she was the wife of Henry Veazie, that he died on or about Nov 21, 1857, and they had one child, Henry A Veazie, age 15 (in 1866).

Various newspaper articles4829 800 describe the unfortunate death of Henry Veazie. On Nov 16,1857, Henry jumped from the moving car of a train, slipped, and landed on his back. His left leg landed across a rail and was partially severed by passing railcars. During the next few days, doctors worked on the leg, eventually attempting an amputation as the leg had "mortified." However, in the evening of Nov 21, Henry died from the trauma.

In 1850, Harriet resided1856 with her mother and siblings in Albany.

In an 1866 affidavit4700 in support of the probate of the estate of Joseph Veazie, Harriette C Keatings deposed that she was the wife of Henry Veazie deceased; that she was now the wife of Edward Keatinge; that she and Henry Veazie had one child, Henry A Veazie; and that child was then (1866) fifteen years of age, living with her.

Edward Keatinge apparently died prior to 1870 as Harriette Keatinge appears in the census for Richland, South Carolina with daughters Harriet, Mary and Alice that year, and Edward doesn't otherwise seem to be found. Harriette C Keatinge, M.D., died4703 Nov 11, 1909, at her residence, 102 West 75th St., after a brief illness. Her funeral was held at St Stephen's P. E. Church on Nov 13. Members of the Homeopathic Medical Society of the County of New York were asked to attend, as Harriette had been a member, apparently having joined the Society in 1879.

The North Adams (MA) Transcript, June 30, 1948, carried a Ripley's Believe It or Not article featuring "Pioneer Woman Physician," Dr Harriette Keatinge - granddaughter of a woman physician, great-granddaughter of a woman physician, cousin of three woman physicians, and mother of a woman physician. Three of her uncles and a cousin were also physicians.

Newspapers of the time mentioned Dr Harriette C Keatinge several times. Before women received the vote, she was outspoken about conditions for women and children in the areas of housing, medical care, and legal status.

Children of Henry Augustus VEAZIE and Harriette C HARNED:

1. Henry A VEAZIE4511 b. 1856 Sep334 at New York334. d. 1910 aft.

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