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Family of Charles V TALCOTT and Matilda EVERSON

Charles V TALCOTT d. bef 18555385.
Matilda EVERSON b. 1825 May 45383 at Utica, NY5383. d. 1902 Dec 295383 at home of her daughter Mrs Augustus Burnop, Neilson St, Utica, NY5383.

Married4514. In an 1865 affidavit4514 by Frances (Talcott) Richardson, she mentioned her brother Charles V Talcott, his widow Matilda E Talcott (residing in Utica, NY), and their children.

An 1865 affadavit4514, deposed by Frances (Talcott) Richardson, mentions her brother Charles V, his widow Matilda E Talcott, and three children (unnamed), living in Utica, NY. In the 1855 census for Utica, NY, Matilda E Talcott, a widow, and her 3 children, resided5385 with her parents, Adam and Anna Everson.

Following Charles' death, Matilda and one or more of her children lived5385 5386 5387 with her parents, Adam and Anna Everson, in Utica, NY. In 1880, Matilda and her mother, both widowed, lived together5388 in Utica. Residing in Anna Everson's household was her daughter Anna (Everson) Burnop, and her son-in-law Augustus Burnop.

The obituary5384 for Mrs Ann Everson, widow of Adam Everson, mentions surviving daughter Matilda E Talcott. Matilda's maiden name is also mentioned5383 in her own 1903 obituary. Matilda died at the home of her daughter, Mrs Augustus Burnop, 22 Neilson St, Utica, NY. That obituary also provides her birth date and place. She was survived by two sons: U(sic) C Talcott of Scranton, PA, and D O Talcott of Louisville, KY; and a daughter, Mrs Augustus Burnop of Utica (NY).

Child 1. William

An 1865 affidavit4514 by Charles' sister Frances (Talcott) Richardson stated that her brother's son, William Charles, was the eldest of three children and "will be twenty one years of age in June of this year."

Children of Charles V TALCOTT and Matilda EVERSON:

1. William Charles TALCOTT4514 b. 1844 Jun4514 at Oneida Co., NY5385.
2. Delos Breands TALCOTT4514 b. 1846~5385 at Oneida Co., NY5385.
3. Anna Matilda TALCOTT4514 b. 1850~5385 at Oneida Co., NY5385.

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