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Family of Charles E VEAZIE and Harriet (w of Charles E) E VEAZIE

Married2825 1849~. Harriet Veazie appears with Charles Veazie in the 1850 census2825 in Parma, NY. Their marriage date is a guess based on the death date of Charles' first wife.

Harriet (w of Charles E) E VEAZIE b. 1827 Feb1889 at Saratoga Co., NY4076. d. 19191822. bd. Parma Corners Cem., Parma, NY1822.

In 1887, Mrs Harriet Veazie ran a boarding house1735 at 32 Clinton Place in Rochester, NY. Arthur H Veazie is listed as boarding at the same address. It is assumed they are mother and son. If so, by 1900, Harriet had removed to Brockport and resided1889 at 54 King St. there.

About November of 1919, the will of Harriet E Veazie was admitted4800 to probate; Frank C Rich, of Wolcott (NY), was executor; Henry E MacArthur, of Brockport, "for exr." Hillman800 states that her estate record names a nephew Frank C Rich of Wolcott, NY, in November 1919; Hillman also surmises that Frank Rich was the son of George and Celia Rich. The Garland Cemetery (Monroe Co., NY) index ( has Cecelia Crippen as the wife of George Rich. Harriet, therefore, may be the sibling of George Rich or Celia Crippen.

Child 2. Arthur

Arthur appears in the 1860 census2826 in the family of Charles and Harriet Veazie. He is listed as age 9/12 in that July enumeration.

The city directories1735 for Rochester, NY, list Arthur as various addresses, but he is listed consistently as a carriage trimmer. In the 1887 directory for Rochester, he was a trimmer, working "rear 264 E Main," boarding at 32 Clinton Place, also listed as a boarding house run by Mrs Harriet Veazie.

In 1891, "Veazie Arthur H Mrs" is listed1735 in the Rochester city directory, boarding at 21 N Union. Arthur doesn't appear in that issue of the directory.

In 1914, the will of Emma L Perrin Veazie Brown, who died in Buffalo (NY) on Aug 17, 1913, was admitted4802 to probate, leaving an estate of $6000. The will was contested by Arthur H Veazie, whether the decedent was married to Charles F Brown after its execution. Hillman800, citing a deposition by Arthur in the estate records for Emma Veazie in Monroe County Surrogate Court files, and the article cited above provide an interesting story. Arthur had befriended Emma Perrin in Rochester in 1884. In 1886, he moved to Minnesota, and Emma followed him there. In 1889, they returned to Rochester, and decided to marry. However, the minister was on vacation so they decided to live together as if married; Emma took his name. In 1893, Emma left him and lived with Charles F Brown in Wilkinsburg, PA, for some 12 years. No record of marriage for Emma and Charles was established. She used the name Emma L Veazie in business matters and spoke of Charles as her friend. In the petition for probate, Brown claimed he was her husband. The county surrogate found that the woman never married either man. Brown received the bulk of the estate. By Dec, 1913, Arthur was a patient in Grahams Hospital in Rochester.

Hillman800, citing the Feb 1916 will of Arthur's mother, Harriet Veazie, states that Arthur had been an invalid for many years at that time.

There is a headstone1822 for Arthur H Veazie in the Parma Corners Cem., Parma, NY. No death is inscribed.

Children of Charles E VEAZIE and Harriet (w of Charles E) E VEAZIE:

1. Charles E VEAZIE2826 b. 1852~2826 at New York2826. d. 18611822. bd. Parma Corners Cem., Parma, NY1822.
2. Arthur H VEAZIE2826 b. 1859 Nov~2826 at Monroe Co., New York4076.

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