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Family of William CURTIS and Emily T or P VESEY

William CURTIS b. 1830 Jun 202902 at Ohio2902. d. 1856 May 7840 at prob Indiana840. bd. Noffsinger Cem., Elkhart Co., IN840.
Emily T or P VESEY b. 1833 Dec 94633 at Ohio2902. d. 1913 Mar 214633 at 214 W 4th St, Mishawaka, IN4633. bd. City Cemetery, Mishawaka, IN4633.

Married2072 1851 Jun 292072 at St Joseph Co., IN2072. Emily and William were married by Squire Robinson.

In 1850, the family of James and Nancy Curtis resided2902 adjacent (enumerated consecutively) to George W Veasy, and a William Curtis, age 20, born Ohio, appears to be their child.

Emily married William Curtis in 1851. William died in 1863. Whether Emily and William had a son George is discussed below.

Following William's death, Emily appears2905 in 1860 as Emily Veazy, residing with her father, and her siblings Lucian(sic), Horace and Roxa.

Emily Curtiss(sic) and Robert Crooks were married2072 in 1861. There is some disagreement regarding the marriage date for Emily to Robert Crooks. History of St Joseph County5326 has April, 1860, but Emily was residing2905 with her father that year, enumerated June 12. Hillman800 has April, 1863, without specific reference. Hillman's 1863 year may have come from the 1900 census3181 in which Emily (enumerated as "Robert Crooks," mother-in-law, female, born Dec 1833, resided with her daughter Grace and Grace's husband Frank Finch. Emily's marital status is widowed, followed by "37" which is crossed out. That census year, the column following marital status was "years married." The crossed-out "37" may have indicated a marriage year of 1863, but then was crossed out by the enumerator as that column wasn't normally filled in for widows or widowers.

In 1900, though listed as "Robert Crooks, mother-in-law," Emily resided3181 with her daughter Grace, and Grace's husband Frank Finch. She is listed as the mother of 8, 4 currently living. Also in 1910, Emily T Crooks resided with Grace Finch, Grace's husband Frank J and their children Emily and Robert, in Mishawaka.

The informant for Emily's death certificate4633 was her daughter Grace, "Mrs F J Finch," of Mishawaka. The undertaker listed on that certificate was "Finch & Sprague," likely Grace's husband.

Mrs Emily (Vesey) Crooks died Mar 21, 1913, at 214 W 4th street, Mishawaka, Indiana. She was widowed (husband recorded as Robert H Crooks). The informant for her death certificiate was Mrs F J Finch, elsewhere identified as daughter Grace.

In 1870, a George Curtis resided2904 in the household of Robert Crooks, Emily, and their daughter Olive. George was age 18, engaged in farming, and was born in Indiana. With an estimated birth year of 1852, he could assumed to be Emily's son by her previous marriage. That same year, George Curtis, age 20, engaged in farming, born Indiana, resided2904 with William Curtis' parents, James and Nancy Curtis, and their son Horace. It's possible that those two persons were one and the same, as there are occurrences of one person being enumerated in separate households. Further, in 1850, a George Curtis resided2902 in the household of James and Nancy Curtis, with several other children, including (as mentioned above) William Curtis. The George Curtis in that record is listed as age 4 months, born in Indiana, and is assumed to be the son of James and Nancy. In 1860, George Curtis, age 10, resided2905 with James and Nancy Curtis, along with several other children. If Emily Vesey and William Curtis had a son born about 1852, a George Curtis of the appropriate age can't be found in that year in that vicinity.

Child 1. George

It's not clear that this George Curtis is the son of William and Emily (Vesey) Curtis. George Curtis appears2904 in the household of Robert Crooks (Emily's second husband) in the 1870 census, along with Emily, and Olive Crooks. George is age 18, born in Indiana. The George Curtis, herein listed as the son of William and Emily (Vesey), is included only as a possibility. No further information.

Children of William CURTIS and Emily T or P VESEY:

1. George CURTIS2904 b. 1852~2904 at Indiana2904.

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