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Family of David P WITHEE and Ariana GILKEY

David P WITHEE b. 1824 Aug 182489 at Madison, ME2489. d. 1907 Dec 122489 at Portland, ME2489. bd. Riverside Cem., Lewiston, ME840.
Ariana GILKEY b. 1830 Jun 95443 at Islesboro, ME5443. d. 1904 Mar 42489 at Lewiston, ME2489. bd. Riverside Cem., Lewiston, ME840.

Married399 1848 Oct 28399 at Islesboro, ME399.

David Withee was a farmer, a real estate agent, and a restaurant keeper.

In 1860, Rachel Withee, age 60?, born Maine, resided343 with David Withee and his family. That may be David's mother, as David's death record2489 lists his parents as Thompson and Rachel Withee.

David P Withee died at the age of 83y 3m 24d, of a fracture of the skull, being thrown from a wagon.

Grove5443 and Farrow399 both have a birth date of Jun 9, 1839, for "Aariann" (Grove) / Ariana (Farrow) Gilkey (same source?).

Farrow398 lists two marriage dates for Azubah and Andrew - Mar 20, 1831 and Mar 20, 1835. Grove{\5443} has 1830. The June 9, 1830 birth date appears to be inconsistent with both marriage dates. A female 5 to 10 years of age (no other females) is indicated in Andrew's household in 1840 which is likely Ariana.

Her ages (and approx birth year) as listed in the census records is: 1860 - 28 (~1832); 1870 - 36 (~1834); 1880 - 48 (~1832); and 1900 - Jun 1835. As calculated from her death record2498 (see below) - abt Jun 8, 1837.

Aureann M Withee, wife of David P Withee, died2498 Mar 4, 1907, at the age of 69y 8m 24d, of heart disease, for a calculated birthdate of abt 8 Jun 1837.

Child 1. Azuba

Azuba may be the Zuba V Pitcher, age 25, wife of George H Pitcher, residing5440 in 1880 in Lewiston, ME. Azuba V Pitcher and George H Pitcher were divorced4592 in Androscoggin Co., ME, in Apr, 1883.

In 1900, Azuba V Rackliffe, "daughter," resided5441 with her parents, David P and Arie M Whithee, in Lewiston, ME. Her age and birth date were listed as 41 years, and Jul 1858.

Child 2. Carrie

Carrie's age in 1860, in the census enumerated July, was 3/12. She resided with her parents in 1860, 1870 and 1880. No further information.

Children of David P WITHEE and Ariana GILKEY:

1. Azuba V WITHEE343 b. 1853~343 at Maine343.
2. Carrie M WITHEE343 b. 1860 Apr~343 at Maine343.

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