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Family of John WILLIAMSON and Mary PASSAGE

John WILLIAMSON b. 1745~5496 at Overseas5496. d. 1823 Nov~5752 at Albany Co., NY5752.
Mary PASSAGE b. 1759 Jun 145496 at Philadelphia, PA5496. d. aft 18235752.

Married5496 1779~ at Albany Co., NY.

Earle McGowan provides5563: according to family history, John Williamson came from either England or Norway about 15 yrs prior to the War. He was a farmer and (not yet proven) served in the Revolutionary War.

The will5752 of John Williamson, of Knox, Albany County, New York, mentions wife Mary; "daughters" living with his wife; sons William and Peter; "daughter Margaret and grand daughter Mary Ostrander;" "eldest" son George; three daughters Betsey, Mary and Margaret; two sons David and John; and his executors to be wife Mary, and friends George Snyder (of Knox) and Benjamin Gaige (of Duanesburgh). The will was signed 28 May 1822, and witnessed by James Frost, Mary Frost, and Polly Smith. The will was presented and proved in Albany, NY, 31 Dec 1823. George Snyder and Benjamin Gaige were appointed executors administrators.

Granddaughter Mary Ostrander is assumed to be Betsy's daughter (of Elizabeth "Betsy" Williamson and Henry Ostrander). McGowan5563 has those mentioned in order: George (wife Mary Hunt); John; David (wife Nancy Gage); Elizabeth (husband Henry Ostrander); Mary; Margaret; William (wife Mary Quackenbush); and Peter. McGowan has specific birth dates for George, John, David and Elizabeth. No dates for Mary, Margaret, William or Peter on the family group sheet for John Williamson.

The specific provisions of his will imply a successful farm and well furnished household, including a herd of cattle, flock of sheep, and wheat field(s). Each of his daughters, and his grand-daughter Mary Ostrander, were to receive a bed, bedstead and bedding, to be given them on their marriage.

Earle McGowan has5563 "Anna Marie (called Mary) Passage": residences Philadelphia, Pa, and Town of Princeton, Albany Co., NY before her marriage. Mary Williamson died after 1822, when she was mentioned5752 when she was mentioned in her husband's will.

Child 7. Margaret

Margaret's parents are indicated5752 in the 1823 will of John Williamson (wife Mary) in a mention of "my daughter Margaret."

Children of John WILLIAMSON and Mary PASSAGE:

1. George WILLIAMSON5752 b. 1781 Dec 265645 at (baptism) Schenectady Co., NY5645. d. 18645648. bd. Snyder Farm, Knox, Albany Co., NY5648.
md. Mary HUNT
2. Elizabeth WILLIAMSON5563 b. 1784 May 85811 at (baptism) Albany Co., NY5811. d. 1863 Sep 275648. bd. old Williamson farm, now Gage farm, near Knox, NY5648.
3. John WILLIAMSON5563 b. 1786 Mar 235645 at Albany Co., NY5758. d. aft 18705760. bd. Lee Church, Knox, Albany Co., NY840.
md. Adah FINCH
4. David (Sr) WILLIAMSON5496 b. 1788 Jul 155496 at Albany Co., NY5692. d. 18665496 at West Cameron, NY5496.
md. 1) Nancy GAGE
md. 2) Elizabeth RULOFSON
5. William WILLIAMSON5563 b. 1795 Jan 235648 at Albany Co., NY5725. d. 1872 Nov 155648. bd. old Williamson farm, now Gage farm, near Knox, NY5648.
md. Mary Polly QUACKENBUSH
6. Peter WILLIAMSON5563 b. 1798~5648 at Albany Co., NY5725. d. 1866 Oct 35648. bd. old Williamson farm, now Gage farm, near Knox, NY5648.
md. Sarah OLEN
7. Margaret WILLIAMSON5563 b. 1800 May 105811 at Albany Co., NY5811.
8. Mary WILLIAMSON5563 b. 5)5563.

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