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Family of Samuel M VEAZIE and Mary Kimball SEARS

Samuel M VEAZIE b. 1828 Mar 171711 at Rockport, ME1711. d. 1908 Jan 21802 at Rockland, ME802. bd. Rockland, ME802.
Mary Kimball SEARS b. 1830 Nov 301774 at Rockland, ME1774. d. 1911 Apr 131774 at Boston, MA1774. bd. cremated, Massachusetts Crematory, A L Eastman Co1774.

Married2317 1851 Dec 212317 at Rockalnd, ME2317.

Samuel was a stove and hardware merchant, as indicated in censuses and city directories. In 1877, his store was located at 236 Main, Rockland, ME. His son, "M Clifford" Veazie worked for him. In 1892, his store was located4326 at 419 Main, and he resided at 26 Granite St, Rockland, ME.

Mary's birthdate is calculated from her age at death1774, 80y 4m 14d. She died of hemorrhage from the stomach, causing exhaustion and anaemia.

Child 2. Harriet

In 1930, Harriet was a private practical nurse, residing in the household of Mary E Buffam, widow, and Mary's sister Bessie G Fleming, widow. In 1940, at the age of 71, she was living alone at 15 Vine St in Melrose, MA.

Children of Samuel M VEAZIE and Mary Kimball SEARS:

1. Morris Clifford VEAZIE433 b. 1859~433 at Maine480. d. after 1930787.
md. 1) Carrie M KEZAR
md. 2) Maude L DREW
2. Harriet (Hattie) M VEAZIE228 b. 1870 Jun228 at Maine228. d. after 19402288.

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