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Family of George Parker WILLIAMSON and Phoebe TOWNSEND

George Parker WILLIAMSON b. 1832 Mar 176061 at Schenectady, NY6061. d. 1912 Jan 196061 at home of daughter, Mrs Myron Aber, Hammondsport, NY6061.
Phoebe TOWNSEND b. 1831~6052 at Greene County, NY5534. d. 1896 Nov 136051 at Hammondsport, NY6051.

Married5582 18686061. The obituary6061 for George Parker Williamson mentions his marriage in 1868 to Mrs Phoebe Townsend Bennitt of Bath.

Census records and George Williamson's obituary6061 mention that he was a farmer, a carpenter, and a vineyardist by occupation.

In 1850, George, age 18, resided5661 in the household of David Williamson and (assumed) wife Elizabeth. In 1855, George P Williamson, age 23, unmarried, had residing in his household5692 "father" David Williamson, "mother" Elizabeth, and siblings Seamore, Nancy, and Hannah. In 1870, Geo P Williamson, age 38, resided2533 in Bath, NY, with (assumed) wife "Phoeba," age 38. Residing with them were Burton and Mary Bennett (elsewhere shown to be children of Phebe by her previous marriage), and Charlotte Williamson, age 1.

In 1875, George and "wife" Phebe Williamson resided5814 in Bath, NY, with "wifes son" Bertin Bennett; "daughter" Mary Bennett; and children Sarah, George, and John; and Maria Townsend, age 85, "mother," assumed to be Phebe's mother.

In 1880, George P Williamson resided1084 in Bath, NY. Residing with him were "wife" Phebe, "son" Burton L, "daughter" Mary E, "daughter" Lottie, "son" Georgie, and "son" John T.

The 1892 census1091 does not indicate households or relationships, but listed sequentially, with George the only entry with an occupation listed, were (all listed with the surname Williamson: George P, Phebe, Lottie, Georgiana, and John. Of particular interest is "Georgiana," age 20, listed as female.

After the death of wife Phebe, George resided5907 in 1900 with his son-in-law Myron Aber, and his daughter (Myron's wife) Charlotte.

Phebe's obitiuary6051 states that, on her mother's side, she was a descendant of Gilbert Ferris, an American soldier during the Revolutionary War. It may be that her mother's maiden name was Ferris, but that, as yet, hasn't been documented.

The obituary6061 for George Parker Williamson mentions his second wife, Mrs Phoebe Townsedn Bennitt; their marriage in 1868; and her death in 1896.

Child 1. Charlotte (Lottie)

In 1870, Charlotte Williamson, age 1, resided2533 in the household of Geo. P. Williamson and (assumed) wife Phoeba. Burton and Mary Bennett (children by her mother's first marriage) also resided there.

In the 1875 census5814, among the children of George and Phebe Williamson was "Sarah" Williamson, age 6, "daughter," born in Steuben County. Sarah Williamson hadn't appeared previously, not does she appear after the 1875 census. That child was almost certainly Charlotte. Why she was identified as "Sarah" in that census isn't clear. In 1880, Charlotte was enumerated1084 as "Lottie," age 11, "daughter" of George P and Phebe Williamson. In 1892, Lottie Williamson, age 22, is listed1091 following entries for George P and Phebe Williamson.

Charlotte Williamson married Myron Aber about 1894, as indicated in the 1900 census5907 which lists Myron and wife Charlotte as married 6 years. Charlotte's father, George P Williamson, "f-in-law," resided with them. In the 1896 obituary6051 for Mrs Phebe (Townsend) Williamson, Mrs Lottie Aber is mentioned as a survivor. The 1912 obituary6061 for George Parker Williamson mentions his death at the home of his daughter, Mrs Myron Aber, east of Hammondsport.

The obituary6059 of Mrs Charlotte Aber mentions her birth date and place, and parents George P Williamson and Phoeba Townsend. That obituary mentions surviving husband (Myron Aber); one daughter, Mrs Archie Lape; 3 sons: Dr Marshall Aber, Ward Aber, and Kenneth Aber; and half-brother Burton Bennet.

The 1924 obituary5660 for Mrs Linn (Mary nee Bennitt) Williamson mentions surviving half-sister, Mrs Charlotte Aber, of Pleasant Valley.

Child 3. John

Surviving son John T Williamson is mentioned in the 1912 obituary6061 of George Parker Williamson. That obituary also mentions that John was a special detective of Precint No. 5, Buffalo.

Children of George Parker WILLIAMSON and Phoebe TOWNSEND:

1. Charlotte (Lottie) A WILLIAMSON2533 b. 1869 Feb 286059 at Bath, NY6059. d. 1933 Jun 26059 at home Curtiss Ave, Hammondsport, NY6059. bd. Pleasant Valley Cemetery6059.
2. Georgiana WILLIAMSON6062 b. 1871~5814 at Bath, NY6062.
3. John T WILLIAMSON6061 b. 1872~5814 at Steuben Co., NY5814.

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