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Family of Alonzo MARGESON and Johanna BLUNT

Alonzo MARGESON b. 1856~5536 at Steuben Co., NY5536. d. 1910 Sep 125884 at Coss Corners, NY5884. bd. Nondaga Cem., Bath, NY5884.
Johanna BLUNT b. 1862 Apr1434 at Bath, NY5885. d. 1909 Apr 215885 at near Bath, NY5885.

Married5885 1882~1434. The obituary5885 for Mrs Alonzo Margeson identifies her as Johanna Blunt. In 1900, Alonzo and Johanna are listed1434 as married 18 years.

Alonzo died at the home of daughter Mrs Roy Wager. He was survived by six children: Mrs Wager, Joseph, Will, Ademia, Lizzie and Mary.

Child 4. Ademia

In 1920, Ademia Shaut resided1086 with her brother-in-law, Roy Wager, and her sister Martha Wager.

Children of Alonzo MARGESON and Johanna BLUNT:

1. Joseph MARGESON1082 b. 1882~1082.
2. William MARGESON1434 b. 1888 Apr1434 at New York.
3. Martha MARGESON1434 b. 1890 Dec1434 at New York1434.
md. Roy WAGER
4. Ademia MARGESON1434 b. 1893 Apr1434 at New York1434.
5. Elizabeth (Lizzie) MARGESON1434 b. 1898 Jul1434 at New York1434.
6. Mary MARGESON1082 b. 1900~1082.

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