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Family of John BIDELER and Lucy A PLATT

John BIDELER b. 1796~1054 at Pennsylvania1054. d. aft 1875 and bef 1885.
Lucy A PLATT b. 1795~1054 at Connecticut987.

Married174 1813 Feb 2174 at Hornby, NY174.

Marriage year was given as 1813 or 1814.

The indicated year of birth for John Bideler varies considerably. Early records indicate ~1797, progressing to earlier birth dates as the records get older - to ~1791, and even ~1781 in the most recent records. If it is assumed that he was 18 years or older at the time of his marriage to Lucy Platt, a date in the mid- to late-1790s is indicated. A date of ~1796 fits well with the assumed birth years of his parents, and is consistent with the 1798 birth year of his sister Mary.

John and Lucy were the first couple married in Hornby, New York. The History of Steuben County (Woodford)174 has 1813 or 1814. Gazetteer of Steuben County 1868-9 has 1816. In an article from the Corning (NY) Leader, Aug 7, 1933, in which a history review of Hornby was given, Mrs. Sydney Stevens related that John Bidler and Lucy A. Pratt were the first couple married in Hornby, Feb 2, 1813 or 1814. They were married by William Mulhollen, justice of the peace, and commenced housekeeping on Mead's Creek (now Campbell). John and Lucy appear in the 1870 census1054 for Catlin, Chemung Co., NY. John Biedler, brother of George W Bideler, is not mentioned in George's 1879 will76, and is listed in the probate records as deceased.

Records consistently list Lucy's birthplace as Connecticut. However, her birth year as estimated from her age varies from 1792 (1870 census1054) to 1816 (1855 census73). If their marriage date174 is correct, it might be assumed that she was at least 16 years of age, and an earlier estimate of her birth year is more likely.

The 1865 census5024 for Catlin, NY, provides some interest. In that year, John and Lucy Bideler, listed as "father" and "mother" respectively, resided with William Bideler and his wife Sarah. Lucy is listed as married twice (perhaps an error?), and listed as the mother of 11. That may indicate that she had 3 children, as yet unidentified, that died young.

Clayton174, in the history of Hornby, mentions that Jesse Platt was one of the early settlers of that community, ~1815. Lucy Platt Bideler may be the daughter of Jesse Platt (who was born in Connecticut as indicated in other records), though the date of the marriage of Lucy and John Bideler, as reported by Clayton, seems inconsistent with that settlement date.

Child 1. Harriet

In 1850, Harriet resided987 with John and Lucy Bideller(sic) in Campbell, NY. It is assumed she was a child of John and Lucy. No further information.

Child 2. Henry

A headstone31 in Coopers Plains Cem., Erwin, NY, appears to read: "Henry J Son of John & Lucy Bideler died July 29 1849 Age 25 Yrs 7 Mo's & 11 d's." His birthdate is calcuated from that information. However, in 1850, a Henry Bideller resided987 in Campbell, NY, in the household of John and Lucy Bideller. He was listed as age 25, a farmer, born in New York. No further information.

Child 3. Charles

Charles' headstone is very worn but appears to be inscribed "CHARLES B Son of John & Lucy Bideler DIED SEPT 28 1817 Aged 23 YEARS 10 months & 28 days." The year 1817 may be 1847 for a birth year ~1824. The Steuben Co Historian's office26 lists a "Charles Bideler" buried Coopers Plains with birth/death dates of 1813-1847, implying an age at death of about 34 years. No further information.

Children of John BIDELER and Lucy A PLATT:

1. Harriet BIDELER987 b. 1822~987 at New York987.
2. Henry J BIDELER28 b. 1823 Dec 1831. d. 1849 Jul 2931. bd. Coopers Plains Cem., Erwin, NY31.
3. Charles B BIDELER32 b. 1824~32. d. 1847 Sep 2832.
4. Sylvia BIDELER76, 174 b. 1826 May3245 at New York3245. d. aft 19003245.
md. William MATTESON
5. Maria Ann BIDELER0, 174 b. 1827~1457 at Steuben Co., NY1457.
md. Charles B HOUGH
6. Alson S BIDELER76, 174 b. 1834~987 at New York987. d. bef 190072.
md. Fannie Jennie OWEN
7. Sarah Elvira BIDELER76, 174 b. 1835 Jul 255035 at Mead's Creek, NY5035. d. 1915 May5035 at at home of son Erastus Manry, Hammondsport, NY5035. bd. Curtis Cemetery, Curtis, NY5035.
md. 1) Benjamin Seymour ELDRED
md. 2) Abraham MANRY
8. William A BIDELER76, 174 b. 1839 Mar5122 at Steuben Co., NY5024. d. aft 19005122.
md. Sarah J MATTHEWS

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