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Family of Fields (Capt) COOMBS and Betsey AMES

Fields (Capt) COOMBS b. 1786 Jan541 at Islesboro, ME541. d. 1848 May 20544 at Islesboro, ME541. bd. cem. east side, upper end, Islesboro, ME395.
Betsey AMES b. 1795 Apr 18543 at Islesboro, ME544. d. 1865 Aug 15541. bd. cem. east side, upper end, Islesboro, ME395.

Married541 1814 Dec 26541.
Geneal. Fam. Hist. Maine has deathdate 2 May 1848 for Fields Coombs.
In 1840, Fields Coombs of Islesboro has 1 female, age 40-50 in the household, implying a birthdate for that female of 1790-1800. The 1850 and 1860 census indicate Betsey Coombs was born in 1795 or 1796. Farrow, in the family of Jabez Ames, gives Betsey's birthdate as 18 Apr 1795, which agrees with the census records. Both Farrow (in the Coombs family genealogy) and Little (who apparently tried to use Farrow's information) have "died Aug 15, 1865, aged seventy-nine years and five months." If the "seventy-nine years" quoted by Farrow and Little is actually "sixty-nine," all records are consistent. However, in the Ames family genealogy, Farrow gives her a deathdate of 30 Dec 1869. The birthyear given for Betsey reflects the preponderance of indications. The deathdate is still up for grabs but, in any case, she seems to have died before 1870.

Children of Fields (Capt) COOMBS and Betsey AMES:

1. Emeline COOMBS541 b. 1816 May 17541. d. 1892 Jan 42507.
md. Thomas H PARKER
2. Eliza J COOMBS541 b. 1817 Mar 23541.
md. Mark Jr (Capt) PENDLETON
3. Otis COOMBS541 b. 1819541. d. 1820 Mar544.
4. Otis F COOMBS541 b. 1821 Feb 22541 at Maine396. d. 1877 Dec 19541 at at sea on brig Caroline Eddy388. bd. Islesboro, ME (Greenwood Cem.)541.
md. Angelia VEAZIE
5. Catherine COOMBS541 b. 1823 Feb 23541. d. 1826 Aug 9541.
6. Deborah COOMBS541 b. 1825 Apr 27541 at Maine396. d. 1888 Apr 26395. bd. Greenwood Cem., Islesboro, ME395.
md. 1) Otis Coombs VEAZIE
md. 2) John Jr VEAZIE
7. Hannah L COOMBS544 b. 1827 Nov 17544.
8. Lincoln COOMBS541 b. 1830 Aug 3541.
9. Charles A COOMBS541 b. 1832 Feb 22541.
md. Urana VEAZIE
10. Theresa Rose COOMBS541 b. 1835 Mar 11541. d. 1838 Jan 9541.
11. Edwin COOMBS541 b. 1837 Oct 29541 at Maine521.
md. 1) Lovina MARSHALL
md. 2) Naomi Augusta VEAZIE
md. 3) Lucretia S VEAZIE

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